How Oncology Nurses Deliver Calm Along with Care to Patients with Cancer

Extraordinary Healer®Extraordinary Healer® Vol. 14
Volume 14

Oncology nurses provide all kinds of support to patients with cancer, but among the ways they actually deliver care, they also provide patients with a sense of calm.

Pat Wilson, CPRN, has been Dr. Francisco Robert-Vizcarrondo's "wing man" for many, many years. Dr. Robert, as we call him, is a dedicated lung cancer oncologist — that is his specialty. As you can imagine, he has many patients from the region around us. He is tireless, knowledgeable and dedicated to his work and patients. He moves at warp speed, and Pat is the reason he is able to accomplish all he does.

You often hear him kindly issuing instructions from the other end of the hall while he is on the move. She can finish his sentences and practically read his mind. She deserves a lot of credit for enabling Dr. Robert to be the consummate professional he is.

But let me tell you more about Pat and her special relationship with her patients. As you can imagine, most of us were terrified when we first met Pat. We faced a devastating diagnosis, lots of treatment in front of us and an uncertain future. Pat is calm and caring, scraping us off the ceiling when our terror is too much. She is responsive and wonderful to her patients. That calmness is not easy to deliver in a big teaching hospital with patient loads require an energy level that borders on superhuman. She is honest and forthright in a respectful way, and that trait is of great value when you are facing this disease.

Pat is married and a mother to five children. I don't know much about her outside activities, but I do know she is active in her church. Frankly, when you consider her demanding job, her family and her faith, I wouldn't blame her if she didn't have time for anything else. Pat is among the most deserving of recognition for her extraordinary contributions.

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