How Oncology Nurses Are Competent, Compassionate And Selfless

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Working in the pediatric oncology field requires a special touch, one full of compassion and selflessness. Traits that oncology nurses have in spades.

Kim Moore, RN, CPHON, is truly an exceptional pediatric oncology nurse. She provides outstanding and compassionate care every day in every way. One of my colleagues said it best: “Kim is the most patient, kind, selfless and caring nurse I have ever met.”

I have worked with Kim as a nurse for over 20 years in the pediatric ambulatory care center at MSK (Memorial Sloan Kettering) Kids. I have watched her get engaged and married, have five beautiful children and maintain an incredible work-life balance. Kim has worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for 24 years and is our highest-level and most senior nurse.

She has multiple certifications, including as a pediatric hematology oncology nurse and in pediatric advanced life support and advanced cardiovascular life support. She works full time and often volunteers to do overtime shifts. Kim volunteered to work the night shift for a few months to get us through a period of time when we were very short staffed.

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Kim Moore, RN, CPHON, and Aimee White, B.S.N., RN, CPHON

She is regularly our charge nurse, serves as a preceptor to students and is a resource about best patient care practices for all her co-workers in pediatrics — nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors. Kim is also our committee chair for the pediatric practice council. She is constantly reviewing our policies and improving them according to evidence-based research.

Our patients and families consistently request that Kim be their primary nurse. Many will ask to have treatment on the days that she works. Kim always makes her patients and families her top priority. She regularly uses a multidisciplinary team approach, reaching out to colleagues in social work, child life and psychology and whomever else she deems appropriate to provide the best care for her patients. Kim is so committed to her patients that she will often miss her lunch and leave late to provide the very best care.

Kim has exceptional peripheral IV skills. On multiple occasions, I have heard people make statements such as “Kim could get blood from a rock.” Countless co-workers, in all areas of our hospital, have requested time to orient with Kim, hoping to one day obtain similar IV skills. I once heard a co-worker say that “we should insure her fingers” because she is capable of feeling veins that no one else can get.

She is the first person we reach out to in emergency situations, such as when we need access on a difficult child. I have witnessed her get IVs in emergent situations when I did not think it would be possible. When asked how she is able to perform such extraordinary practices, Kim will humbly shrug her shoulders and state, “I said a Hail Mary.”

I truly believe that Kim Moore is a gift to our patients and co-workers. There could not be another nurse more deserving of acclaim.

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