Recognizing My Cancer Caregiver and Oncology Nurse

Extraordinary Healer®Extraordinary Healer® Vol. 14
Volume 14

A cancer survivor recognizes her oncology nurse who has been with her every step of the cancer journey.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 1989 and had surgery the week of Thanksgiving. My husband’s mom, Sally Stade, stayed with us as my caregiver because I couldn't travel. During that time, something told her she should become a nurse.

She was working at Silver Bell Pawn Shop in Carlsbad, New Mexico at the time and went to get her GED because she hadn’t graduated high school; instead, she’d married young and had children and was a stay-at-home mom. After she passed her GED course, she went to college to become a nurse.

My husband, his dad and I watched Mom study very hard, because nursing classes aren't easy. I have to give Sally credit, because, in 1995, she passed her classes and at age 51 got her LPN license and started working at Carlsbad Medical Center. Then, she took more classes and at age 53 got her RN license.

My mom, Sally Stade, RN, is my extraordinary healer because she was there for my husband and I when I had breast cancer a second time and went through my hardest chemo treatments in 2003. She was also my support when my husband had extensive brain surgery in March of this year, and she still is.

Sally has a lot of knowledge, always has a smile and encouragement for others and has a positive attitude and outlook. She is a support to others, as well. Finally, she has a lot of compassion for others and is always there for them.

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