Oncology Nurses Are Compassionate, Empathetic and Knowledgeable

Extraordinary Healer®Extraordinary Healer® Vol. 14
Volume 14

An oncology nurse recounts how her fellow nurses are compassionate, empathetic and knowledgeable towards patients with cancer.

I have worked as an oncology nurse for over 28 years, with 46 years total nursing experience. I have loved every minute and every change in oncology, and there have been many. I am recognizing Kelley Greel, RN, OCN, as an outstanding oncology nurse because she truly stands out above the rest.

Kelley started out as a secretary for many years in the oncology department. Her dedication and attention to detail were exemplary even then. She waited until her children were grown and went to school to become a registered nurse. She wanted to get back to oncology after spending some time on a medical/surgical unit for experience, and she finally was able to secure a position with us in our clinic. She could not have been happier or more thankful for the opportunity. She never wavered about where she wanted to be and the kind of nursing she was passionate about practicing.

Kelley is our rock. She has the ability to listen to the patients and the other staff members. When we adopted electronic medical records, Kelley was quick and knowledgeable and became the superuser for the clinic. She was patient and kind with others who were less quick to embrace the changes. I am always struck with how happy she is to start her day, and her smile and attitude are infectious. She is fair and righteous about what she truly believes, both personally and professionally.

Kelley has a keen ability to read her patients and advocate for their well-being. She is able to express her feelings and findings in a calm and professional manner. The physicians trust her judgement and her expertise about drugs and side effects. I, too, trust Kelley's knowledge and experience. Kelley is a true voice for the patients and the clinic. She helps the team leader in making decisions because teamwork is important to Kelley. She is a team player and the best coworker. Compassion and empathy are inherited, not learned. Kelley has all of it.

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