CURE's Top 5 Stories: February 2019


Here are the top 5 CURE stories for February 2019.

Here are the top 5 CURE stories for February 2019.

5. Young and (Cancer) Free

Although they no longer face the disease, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors live with hardships — which we take a closer look at in this piece.

4. Imbruvica in Elderly Patients with CLL

We break down the results of a recent trial presented in the New England Journal of Medicine, that found that Imbruvica may be superior to standard of care in some elderly patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

3. Sweet Surrender

In this story, take a closer look at how experts have determined that banishing sugar and extra body fat can be important tools in preventing cancer.

2. Fatigue, Chemo Brain and Other Symptoms

Here, one expert discusses how cancer and its treatments can have many lasting side effects on patients, from depression to peripheral neuropathy.

1. Will I Reach My Goal?

CURE Contributor Jane Biehl shares her thoughts on life as a cancer survivor and enjoying every step it takes to reach her goals.

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