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  • Bladder Cancer
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CURE's Top 5 Stories: June 2018


Take a look at the top five CURE stories of June 2018 in this video.

Here are the top 5 CURE stories for June 2018.

5. Cooling Cap Gets FDA Approval

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System reduces the likelihood of chemotherapy-related hair loss. In this breaking news story, we covered its FDA approval for patients with solid tumors, such as ovarian, breast, colorectal and prostate cancers.

4. What’s a Cancerversary — and Who is Ned?

Cancer terminology isn't always easy to understand. This piece by contributor Bonnie Annis aims to help you understand two phrases much better — and explains “who” Ned is.

3. First Roundup Case Goes to Court

More than 800 individuals with cancer are reportedly suing agricultural giant Monsanto, claiming its popular herbicide, Roundup, causes cancer. We cover the first case to go to trial in this web exclusive.

2. When Does Grief End?

Contributor Jane Biehl explores how the loss of health is a huge factor in grief and depression, and how a cancer diagnosis is no exception.

1. Team Player

Television journalist and former Today show co-anchor Katie Couric sits down with CURE to discuss her lifesaving contributions to the oncology community in this interview featured in our Spring issue.

In related news, did you know that CURE hosts a weekly podcast? Each week on CURE Talks Cancer, we talk with patients, survivors, caregivers, and health care professionals about the whole spectrum of cancer care. Past episodes include discussions with Patrick Dempsey and Amy Robach. Visit curetoday.com/podcasts to listen to our full library, and subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes on topics like returning to work after cancer, and the importance of support groups.

And, as always, for links to all of our top stories and more, visit curetoday.com.

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