Dealing With Cancer's Side Effects and Finding Motivation

HealHeal Winter 2022
Volume 10
Issue 4

From fertility issues to oral side effects, cancer survivors may face health complications after treatment ends.

Some may think that when a cancer survivor finishes treatment, cancer is left behind. However, long-lasting side effects can have an effect on the daily lives of survivors and their families.

After treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation have ended, many cancer survivors may be left with infertility struggles and unable to grow their family.

In this issue of Heal®, we hear from experts about the infertility many cancer survivors face after treatment ends. Unfortunately, many survivors might not
have been given an option to preserve fertility — such as banking sperm or freezing eggs — due to a lack of conversation with their oncologist before

One survivor featured recalls a brief discussion with her oncologist but was so worried about surviving treatment that she did not think about long-lasting side effects. At times she wishes she would have asked more questions about preserving fertility.

Oral side effects of cancer treatment can also affect quality of life. Certain cancer types and treatments may lead to side effects such as dry mouth or increased risk for cavities. In this issue, we talk with an expert about why this happens and what survivors can do to mitigate it.

We also talk with Robert Atteberry, three-time cancer survivor, about how he found motivation during survivorship to compete in Ironman races, marathons, half marathons,10K and 5K races.

He says he couldn’t have done it without family, friends and his mantra, “Go! Go! Go!” He advises other cancer survivors to put their mind to what they want, and never give up.

And we never forget the recipes. In this issue, we are giving you three desserts that are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth, without the unhealthy ingredients.

We hope you find this issue informative and inspirational.

Thank you for reading.


President & CEO MJH Life Sciences®

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