Finding Inspiration at the Biden Cancer Summit


CURE headed out to Washington, DC to cover the Biden Cancer Summit.

The Biden Cancer Summit in Washington, DC, brought together patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates and special guests for one central purpose: make progress in the fight against cancer.

The event kicked off with a special performance by Evan Ruggiero, an osteosarcoma survivor who had his leg amputated at the age of 19. However, Ruggiero did not let the surgery stop him from pursuing his passion of dance.

Former Vice President Joe Biden also spoke to the crowd about how his and his wife's lives were changed after their son, Beau, was diagnosed with glioblastoma five years ago. Beau ended up passing away from the disease in 2015 at age 46. Watching their son go through cancer has inspired the Bidens to join in the fight against the disease, ultimately leading to the Biden Cancer Initiative -- something Mr. and Mrs. Biden are now known for around the globe.

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