First day at OMG! Summit


CURE booth st OMG! Summit

I'm excited to be here in Las Vegas to cover the OMG! Summit for CURE. Not only is this my first time to cover a conference for the magazine, but it also cuts to the heart of why I got into journalism: meeting people and learning their stories.Today, I got to meet young people still in treatment, people years out from treatment, old friends of CURE, lots of new faces and people I've only communicated with via email, like Emily who just wrote a guest blog for us. And everyone's excited to meet everyone else. I got the pleasure of getting to talk to Christina. It's her first time attending the conference as well. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just after her 39th birthday and has been in treatment since. She said when she went to her local Gilda's Club and tried to meet people with a similar diagnosis, she found they were at a different stage at life. They wanted to see their grandchildren graduate while she just wanted to see her daughter through first grade. But she found people to connect with in I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation and said that she feels like it's a "we" now. And that's what's really great about this weekend--the feeling of camaraderie. I can't wait to meet more people and hear more stories. Is there anything you want to know from the attendees?

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