I Will Heal from the Threat Cancer Brings


The threat of breast cancer looms over me, even the pain is a threat.

Image of a paper breast crumpled.

I Am Still Alive

I am a fighter,

I was suffering,

I could not sleep,

I could not breathe.

My breast

Was bleeding,

My skin was sick,

It was itching and swollen

My tears were wetting my shirt.

I have seen many doctors,

I have taken lots of medicine,

I have failed medical tests

And seen different machines.

I have been cut,

I have been saved,

My body is not the same

but I am still alive.

You Will Heal

Another day alive,

Carrying this

Under my skin,

My breast is not alright.

I try not to look,

Every day, the

Pain is a reminder

Something is happening.

I caress it,

Keep it clean

And dry so

It remains the same.

I am sad and tensed,

This part of my body

Looks different

And feels strange.

I look at my reflection

On the mirror

And tell myself:

“You will heal.”

I know the healing power of art. I am a psychologist and work with children with autism. I am sentive to human pain. I experienced some sort of breast pain, not cancer but been tensed for a while. I had a relative who passed away due to this condition.

This post was written and submitted by Adriana Rocha. The article reflects the views of Rocha and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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