Important Resources


A list of helpful resources to assist people with CLL and their families cope with the emotional and practical aspects of the disease.

Managing the financial aspects of care can be overwhelming for patients and caregivers as they apply for health insurance, file insurance claims and make co-payments. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society provides resources to help people who are facing these challenges.

  • Copay assistance: Financial support eases the cost of copayments or insurance premiums for prescription drugs.
  • Susan Lang Pay-It Forward Patient Travel Assistance: Blood cancer patients who have significant financial need may qualify to receive financial assistance for ground transportation, air travel and lodging expenses related to their care.
  • Other resources: Additional information may lead to more assistance with prescription drug and stem cell transplantation costs.
  • Most drug companies have programs for qualifying patients to mitigate the cost of cancer drugs.

The CLL Society also serves as a resource regarding clinical trials, conferences, support groups and doctors recommended by patients. The website allows users to send questions to doctors or pharmacists and download a template to keep track of lab results.

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