Letters to Lance

CURESpecial Issue 2006
Volume 5
Issue 3

Patients, survivors, friends, and family send letters to Lance.

Cancer survivors and the public in general have been intrigued and inspired by Lance Armstrong, both as a history-making cyclist

and as a cancer survivor. Below are some recent letters sent to Lance.

While others are encouraged by your strength, attitude and persistence, I am thankful for your openness because it saved my life. I am not one to go to the doctor, but after reading your story and learning about testicular cancer I was compelled to see a doctor when I felt something wrong. My cancer was caught at an early stage, so my family and I were spared going through what you went through. I have only you to thank for that.


Binghamton, New York

. . . . .

Until September 27, 2004, I never cared much about the yellow bracelet or what it stood for. Then my best friend was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I wear that bracelet now as a reminder of how hard my friend fought and how hard thousands are fighting right now to beat cancer. You are all in my prayers. You are all strong men and women, and I only hope to be as strong as all of you. My best friend passed away this April, but he stayed strong.


New Hampshire

. . . . .

I don’t know that much about cancer, other than how painful it is to lose a loved one to it. I lost my uncle almost two years ago. He had throat cancer and went through so much while fighting the disease. A year after my uncle died, my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I pray every night that he won’t end up like my uncle. I wear my LIVESTRONG band to remind myself not to smoke, and if I ever do get cancer, I will wear it knowing that I’ll be like you—I’ll fight and I’ll live strong. I’m only 11, but I know that your story is truly one of the greatest.


Clarkston, Michigan

. . . . .

All I can say is thank you for being a fighter, a survivor and an inspiration for so many people. My grandson is fighting the fight right now and I admire his strength and courage. He is just a year old now but he has accomplished so much in his life. Thanks again for giving hope to my family as well as so many others.


Edon, Ohio

. . . . .

My son was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma at 12 months of age. I went through every surgery, every scan and every drop of chemo with him. There are not a lot of support groups for caregivers where I am from and I always felt a loss of where to get support. From reading your books and website I realize that I am a survivor too. Just saying that simple sentence has put a whole new perspective on things for me and made me feel strong. Cancer, although horrifying, has added to my life, and I think I am a better person because of it.


Canberra, Australia

. . . . .

Your story is truly an inspiration to all cancer survivors. My husband always keeps you and your experience with testicular cancer in the back of his mind. Only cancer survivors understand each other and what they are going through. Having this disease inside your body, not knowing from one day to the next if it is actually cured, is hard to face. But, you can’t give up or quit living. As the doctor appointments come and go, you live with the present and hope the best for your future.


Clyo, Georgia

. . . . .

You have showed us that we are not in this alone. It is easy to feel weak and powerless against this disease that has taken the lives of family and friends, and continues to threaten lives. However, you have opened our eyes. We could not be further from alone. It is impossible not to notice the growing amount of people who wear LIVESTRONG bracelets. This alone gives me hope. You help us forget our differences and join together to fight this disease. We are all in this together, and cancer doesn’t stand a chance.


Liberty, New York

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