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A Look at Ototoxicity and Other Issues in Cancer Survivorship

HealHeal Spring 2022
Volume 10
Issue 1

From ototoxicity to body image issues after cancer, here's a look at the most recent issue of Heal®.

After a cancer diagnosis, survivors may want to actively join the conversation about their experience, but challenges could arise if they struggle to physically hear it. Hearing loss is common in those who were diagnosed as adolescents or young adults; however, the problem is not often discussed.

In this issue of Heal®, our cover story discusses ototoxicity (hearing loss after cancer treatment), why it happens and what can be done to help these survivors. The individuals featured in our story experience hearing loss due to cancer treatment and discuss how it affects their daily lives. Experts in the field also weigh in about treatment options as well as current gaps and why cancer survivors may experience this problem.

Another great story in this issue concerns the struggle with body image that many breast cancer survivors face after treatment and surgery. Sara Montiel tells us about her decision to undergo a double mastectomy and the long journey toward accepting how her body changed after cancer.

We also have some great insight on the past two decades of support groups for cancer survivors who often experience depression or anxiety after surviving their disease. Today, there are plenty of resources to help them — but what would it have been like 20 years ago? And what may happen 20 years from now?

Also, read about one couple’s journey through marriage, parenthood and a patient-caregiver role reversal that led them from feeling angry to adopting a “heck yes” attitude.

As always, we have recipes for some healthy and delicious dishes in this issue. Dip into the warm weather of spring with a few easy appetizers that are full of nutrients and give a healthier spin on your typical recipes — including a great twist on buffalo wings.

As always, we hope this issue is informative and inspiring to you and your families. Thank you for reading.


President & CEO