LIVESTRONG offers parenting with cancer class


I received an email this morning from LIVESTRONG about an education session for parents who have cancer. It's available online and in person. Details below: The June 2012 LIVESTRONG Community Education Class will address the topic of parenting with a cancer diagnosis. Join us on June 28 from 6:30-8pm CST.Dr. Vaughn Mankey will describe a framework for considering the unique parenting needs of each child during a parent's illness. He will also discuss key principles that parents can use to encourage coping and resilience in children. Class participants will also be able determine when children may need additional support and professional services. Classes are open to anyone affected by cancer (survivors, caregivers, family members, etc.) and are available to participate in person or online! RSVP here.CURE also recently featured the topic in the Spring 2012 issue: "Honest Discussions Can Help Ease Kids' Anxiety About Cancer." What has helped you in talking with children about cancer?

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