Making Magic Happen in Cancer Care

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Extraordinary Healer®, Extraordinary Healer® Volume 17, Volume 17,

During an uncertain time, Missy Bean-Tanner, RN, brings inner peace and reassurance. She will jump into anything if she knows it will help her patients.

Missy Bean-Tanner, RN, is part of the Tulane Cancer Center’s oncology unit in the infusion department. The first time you meet her, you feel her calming presence and you see her beautiful smile. During an uncertain time, she brings inner peace and reassurance. She will jump into anything if she knows it will help her patients.

Prior to my initial chemotherapy session, Missy learned that I was going to arrive dressed up as Wonder Woman. My first introduction was seeing her dressed as Wonder Woman as a show of support. For the next seven treatments, she coordinated her Tuesday with the costume of the day. Costumes were the way I chose to go through treatments. If I didn’t give her a heads up, she would ask what the costume was so she’d be ready too.

A cancer diagnosis and chemo can be pretty scary, but with someone like Missy, you become braver than you thought you could be. She is with her patients through treatments, cheers them on, makes sure that they are as good as they can be and celebrates when you get to ring your final bell.

Missy is truly an angel on earth. Day in and day out, she shows up with a beautiful smile and a calm spirit. This would not be possible without the deep faith that she has. Missy is passionate about her family, faith and health. She participates in half marathons across the U.S. regularly with her girlfriends. Hearing the stories of her family, her husband the pastor and her son’s accomplishments as well as her races, you can’t help but be inspired by her. The love that she has for all of them is evident.

If you were to ask any of her current or past patients, they would reinforce these words. We may have met as nurse and patient, but now she is a friend. The world needs more people like Missy to guide patients through cancer care, but also to remind them that during what could be a difficult time, there are always angels along the way to light your path.

I would like to nominate Missy Bean-Tanner for being an extraordinary healer and angel on earth.

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