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Ever hear of trail mix? Those of you who know me know that it is one of my favorite snacks; especially the kind with lots of chocolate!! The simple snack is a combination of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate. It was made as a quick treat to be taken along on the trail. I pick through my trail mix and really enjoy some of it and then there are some pieces that I don't like (the raisins) just get left in the bag.Those of you who don't know me have probably near heard scans results and trail mix mentioned in the same sentence. You may have never before considered the similarities ... that with both there can be bits that are really, really good and other random pieces that are easier not to digest. Once again I'm experiencing a "trail mix" kind of scan. A few of the tiny tumors in my lungs have disappeared. One of the larger tumors continues to show stability. These are both reasons for celebration. Areas in my spine light up and one lung lesion showed a growth spurt. In spite of lights and spurts, this a positive scan for me with more chocolate than raisins! So, just like with trail mix I'm going to enjoy the good stuff.Thanks to all of you - my friends who have sent prayers and thoughts, emails and phone calls. I'm sending all the good stuff in this mix of life back to you - continued HOPE for good scans, great procedures, easy recoveries, many magical moments and wonderful memories ahead.Enjoy a happy day today!

SuzanneSuzanne Lindley has been living with metastatic colorectal cancer since 1998. She is the founder of YES! Beat Liver Tumors, an organization for individuals living with metastatic liver tumors, and an advocate for Fight Colorectal Cancer. She is also a regular guest blogger for CURE.

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