Tennis Player Chris Everet Is Cancer-Free, Duran Duran Guitarist Discusses His Disease and More


From Tennis star Chris Evert’s cancer-free status to Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor talking about his prostate cancer, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Duran Duran guitarist opened up about his cancer.

Andy Taylor, the guitarist of the rock band Duran Duran, announced in November that he received a metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis. In fact, the 61-year-old missed his band’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame due to the disease.

Recently, he spoke with Channel 5 News about his diagnosis.

“I didn’t have any plan (to reveal the diagnosis), and then afterwards, the amount of love and support of offers of help … I realized that by talking about it, Duran Duran have quite a large female fanbase, so it’s like, your partner, your boyfriend – give them a nudge, get them a test.”

Pro tennis player Chris Evert said she is cancer free, but her “journey isn’t over.”

Former No. 1 tennis player and 18-time Grand Slam singles champion Chris Evert announced last year that she received a diagnosis of stage 1c ovarian cancer after learning she had a BRCA-1 variant. Evert stayed up to date on genetic testing and cancer screening after her sister, Jeanne, died from ovarian cancer in February 2020.

“I'm sharing my story because my journey isn't over. I needed time to recover from chemo and rebuild my strength, but I still had one mountain left to climb,” Evert said in an essay she wrote for ESPN. “The risk for me was bigger than ovarian cancer alone. BRCA mutations are associated with an up to 75% risk of developing breast cancer, and an increased risk of prostate and pancreatic cancer as well.”

Representative Jamie Raskin is optimistic about his cancer prognosis.

Democratic representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland is undergoing treatment for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma — a type of blood cancer — and said that he is “very optimistic” about his treatment. He’s gotten support from both Democrats and Republicans, according to CNN.

“I’m losing about 40 or 50 hairs a day, I would think, to chemo, so that’s upsetting. But otherwise, I’m hanging tough, and the doctors are very optimistic, and I’m very optimistic that the chemo is going to get the cancer,” Raskin, who is undergoing chemo-immunotherapy treatment at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, said.

Uterine cancer was added to the list of World Trade Center-related health conditions.

Women who were exposed to toxins from the 9/11 terror attacks and developed uterine cancer are now eligible for free health care and compensation under the 9/11 World Trade Center Health Program, making the disease the 69thcancer covered.

MORE: Expert Talks ‘Massive Exposure’ to Toxins After the 9/11 Attacks

Plain White T’s singer gives a patient with cancer a surprise performance.

Tom Higgenson surprised a young patient with cancer in her hospital room with a performance of her favorite song, “Hey There Delilah.”

The girl, whose name is also Delilah, was diagnosed with cancer more than four years ago, and frequently listened to the song, “Hey There Delilah” while undergoing treatments. She was shocked when Higgenson showed up, and she, her parents and doctor, all joined in singing.

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