The Psychosocial Impact of Cancer: A CPAN Advocacy Chat

On August 10 at 12 p.m. ET, the CPAN Advocacy Chat series will explore the psychosocial impact of a cancer diagnosis on a patient, their family, and friends. Lauren Chatalian, MSW, LCSW, of CancerCare will be sharing ways to promote effective communication between parents/guardians and children of families impacted by cancer in a developmentally appropriate manner. The chat will focus on navigating practical concerns families may experience throughout the cancer continuum, such as loss of income, new health restrictions, and more.

A cancer diagnosis is more than a physical diagnosis. Each patient experiences various psychosocial effects due to the diagnosis, and so do the loved ones of the patient. Depression, anger, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms can cause interruptions in care, careers, and relationships. Treating these symptoms are crucial to ensuring treatment is successful. In addition to discussing the practical concerns of families navigating the cancer continuum, COA Director of Patient Advocacy and Education Rose Gerber and Lauren will discuss the resources that CancerCare has available for those in need. As the Director of Advocacy and an Oncology Social Worker for CancerCare, Chatalian works to provide patients with the resources they need and advocate for expanded resource pools so no patients or their families fall through the cracks.

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