What we're reading ... March 5, 2010

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Each week the staff of CURE shares some of what they've been reading the past week with our readers. Please let us know what you think and what you've been reading, too!Infection

A story in The New York Times (Rising Threat of Infections Unfazed by Antibiotics) caught my eye as someone who has dealt with a MRSA staph infection. The story focuses on the new hospital-acquired infections that make MRSA look like the common cold. This is something every cancer patient needs to know about since hospitals are where we hang out way too much.

Kathy LaTour

Editor-at-Large & cancer survivorMale infertility and cancer

An article in the Wall Street Journal examines if male infertility could be a sign of other diseases, such as cancer. Researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have found that mutations in certain genes linked to male infertility may be related to colon and testicular cancers.

Lena Huang

Fitness & Nutrition EditorMultiple myelomaThe MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation) launched their new newsletter this month, MMRF FastFacts. It will replace their previous newsletter, SmartBrief. It includes clinical trials, events, breaking news in multiple myeloma research, and updates about MMRF. You can sign up for the next issue by signing up at

Elizabeth Whittington

Managing Editor,