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In assessing the quality of family cancer history entered into electronic health records, researchers found that such reporting was suboptimal – highlighting the need to optimize online collection with a provider-free approach.
Kristie L. Kahl
Increased tumor mutation burden (TMB), which is associated with more inflammation, may be a factor in determining which patients with lung cancer are at higher risk for depression.
Kristie L. Kahl
In the second part of our Q&A with Chris Williams, of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, we spoke with him about the past, present and future of the myeloma landscape.


Kathy LaTour
Cancer is a huge, life-changing event for a family and the power of the experience in a young person’s life should not be underestimated. What is a semester at college compared to the learning and self-understanding that comes from being with your family in such a stressful time?
Bonnie Annis
Breast cancer survivorship is something to celebrate and there are many ways to commemorate the fact, but are t-shirts and other items the best way to honor survivors? One survivor shares her perspective and reflects on National Cancer Survivor’s Day.
Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
I have a daily calendar on my desk with very wise sayings. One that really stood out was by J.C.Watts. “It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go.”

CURE Connections®

After elucidating their current status, Nancy and Dan MacMillan provide parting advice to patients and caregivers who encounter a diagnosis of small cell lung cancer.
Thinking of their journey through small cell lung cancer, Nancy and Dan MacMillan shed light on the support and information they found useful.
Nancy and Dan MacMillan reflect on Nancy’s diagnosis of small cell lung cancer and the treatment she received thereafter.


Katie Couric
Katie Couric lost both her husband and her sister to cancer within only a few years of one another. The legendary broadcast journalist spoke about the devastating loss of her loved ones and shared how she moved past her grief.
Ellen Miller-Sonet
With so many cancer treatment options now available, clinicians may still fall short in understanding what’s important to patients.
Dr. Reem Karmali
Maintenance therapy with Imbruvica appeared to be a feasible option for patients with mantle cell lymphoma, according to Dr. Reem Karmali.


Jessica Skarzynski
Information about myeloproliferative neoplasms – or MPNs – is hard to come by. But the MPN Research Foundation’s myMPN Patient Registry aims to change that. Learn more about it in this week's episode of the CURE Talks Cancer podcast. 
Katie Kosko
In this week’s episode of the “CURE® Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with a caregiver who found hope in the darkness after losing her son to lung cancer at just 29 years old.
Kristie L. Kahl
In this week’s episode, we spoke with a patient and his doctor about genomic testing and how it can change treatment outcomes for patients with cancer.

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