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Unhealthy Habits May Increase in Some Women After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

May 5th 2021, 6:00pm

By Colleen Moretti


Women who receive a breast cancer diagnosis were more likely to develop unhealthy behaviors one and two years after diagnosis, even if they were considered healthy at time of diagnosis.

How Blizzards and Cancer Are Similar

May 5th 2021, 4:00pm

By Jane Biehl Ph.D.


A cancer survivor recalls how a book quote about a blizzard became a metaphor for her own experiences with cancer.

Risk of COVID-19 'Far Outweighs' Rare Blood Clot Risk from J&J Single-Dose Vaccine in Patients with Cancer

May 5th 2021, 3:00pm

By Jamie Cesanek


Patients with cancer should receive whichever COVID-19 vaccine is made available to them as the benefits far outweigh the risks, according to an expert from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Tecartus May Contribute to Long-Term Responses in Relapsed/Refractory Mantle Cell Lymphoma

May 5th 2021, 1:00pm

By Darlene Dobkowski, MA


Factors including progression-free survival, duration of response and overall survival were promising at 15 months in patients with relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma.

Most Patient Records Within A Large Cancer Registry-Based Real-World Data Source Have Missing Data

May 4th 2021, 9:00pm

By Jamie Cesanek


A significant number of patient records in large cancer registries are missing data, which can have an impact on real-world data studies.

More Research Needed to Identify if Medical Marijuana Effectively Reduces Common Chemotherapy Side Effects

May 4th 2021, 6:00pm

By Ryan McDonald


There is some low-level evidence that suggests medical marijuana or cannabinoids may reduce chemotherapy-related side effects in patients with cancer, according to data presented at a recent medical conference. However, experts note more research is needed to build on those findings.

A Bucket List? Even A Poor Guy Like Me Can Dream!

May 4th 2021, 4:00pm

By Ron Cooper


A cancer survivor recalls how he never considered a bucket list until his diagnosis in 2014. And although he knows he can’t afford to buy a Ferrari and cruise through the Alps, he’s OK with changing course and going with something much smaller.

FDA Panel Votes to Uphold One Accelerated Drug Approval, and Overturn Another in Treatment of Advanced Liver Cancer

May 4th 2021, 3:00pm

By Ryan McDonald


Members of an FDA committee recently voted in favor of upholding Keytruda’s accelerated approval indication for the treatment of patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma who had previously received treatment with Nexavar. However, the committee narrowly voted against maintaining Opdivo’s accelerated approval in the same patient population.

Fox Chase Cancer Center Begins Pilot Program to Strengthen Patient Literacy

May 4th 2021, 1:00pm

By Jamie Cesanek


The Philadelphia-based cancer center has enrolled patients who receive port insertions in MyCareCompass, a new program that organizes patient information and provides educational content to help patients understand their treatment.

A Mother’s Bravery in the Face of Metastatic Breast Cancer Taught Olympian Daughter What’s ‘Really Important in Life’

May 3rd 2021, 9:00pm

By Jessica Skarzynski


Olympic volleyball player, April Ross, explained in an interview with CURE® that seeing her mother’s dedication to her family, despite her diagnosis, helped put things into perspective and taught her what is truly important in life.

Here are Some Must-Haves That Patients With Cancer Bring With Them on Treatment Days

May 3rd 2021, 6:00pm

By Ryan McDonald


On social media, CURE® recently asked its readers to share what must-haves they bring with them on days they receive treatment for cancer.

Throwing Gasoline on the Cancer Fire

May 3rd 2021, 4:00pm

By Khevin Barnes


A seven-year cancer survivor writes how the disease is a delicate balancing act and how secondary illnesses can fuel the cancer fire.

The Different Roads of Lung Cancer

May 3rd 2021, 3:00pm

By Mike Hennessy, Sr.


We all handle things differently, look at things differently and understand differently, meaning that the journey of each patient with cancer is unique. But there are always similarities among the symptoms, risks and treatments.

CURE’s Top Stories: April 2021

May 3rd 2021, 1:00pm

By Jessica Skarzynski


Each month, we take a look back at the most popular CURE® stories. Here are the top five stories for April 2021.

Honesty is the Best Cancer Policy

May 2nd 2021, 6:00pm

By Debbie Legault


A caregiver notes how honesty is the best policy when taking care of someone with cancer. She also discusses how she’s grateful that her daughter’s cancer experience happened before the COVID-19 pandemic so she could be there for her.