Kathy LaTour

Kathy LaTour is a breast cancer survivor, author of The Breast Cancer Companion and co-founder of CURE magazine. While cancer did not take her life, she has given it willingly to educate, empower and enlighten the newly diagnosed and those who care for them.

Putting A Bad Hair Day Into Perspective

June 01, 2020

"Good luck, and if you can’t keep your hair, just remember it puts a bad hair day in perspective."

When TV Comes Calling

May 25, 2020

One cancer survivor details protecting the story of other survivors from those who would sensationalize it.

Three Women: Fearful, Daughter, and Angry

May 17, 2020

Cancer changes us, and often we find new parts of ourselves that help us accomplish new goals in the face of adversity and tragedy.

Finding Hope During The Cancer Journey

May 10, 2020

Hope is a tenuous thing, but it is important to foster hope during the cancer journey even when the statistic don't feel hopeful.

New Reactions To Life After Cancer Treatment

April 28, 2020

After treatment ends, survivors are left to navigate a new life but that life comes with its new emotions and reactions to the world around us.

Cancer Changes Who Becomes a Caregiver First

April 20, 2020

Traditionally, it is the younger generations that become caregivers first. But cancer alters the best-laid plans.

Notes from the Frontline of Quarantine

March 30, 2020

One survivor reflects on how quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak is impacting her life and reflects on current events.

Do You Understand Your Diagnosis?

March 16, 2020

Health literacy is important for any patient with cancer trying to understand their diagnosis, and they need help from their care team to gain that.

Why I Write

March 03, 2020

Writing can provide a release for all the emotions bottled up inside that you can't quite say out loud, and can help when coping with the cancer journey.

The Forgotten Caregivers

February 22, 2020

When people think of caregivers, they often think of adults taking care of their elderly family members, but that is not the reality for many adolescents and young people who are forced into distressful situations when loved ones are diagnosed with cancer.

Teens And Cancer

February 11, 2020

The effects of the cancer journey extend to every member of the family, and children will often handle it differently than adults.

Putting Cancer In My Past

February 03, 2020

One cancer survivor looks back on how a breast cancer diagnosis divided her life into a before and after, and looks ahead to what comes next.

Crash and Burn

January 26, 2020

When all the defenses we put up have fallen you experience "crash and burn", the stage of acceptance that hurts the most but can heal you the best.

Blame It On Chemo

January 17, 2020

One cancer survivor looks at how chemotherapy might have impacted her life in unexpected ways.

Facing Fears of Long Term and Late Effects From Your Cancer Treatment

January 06, 2020

Recurrence isn’t the only long-term complication cancer patients may face but understanding these potential challenges can help you mitigate many problems beforehand.


November 27, 2019

Keeping traditions “normal” while facing cancer can wear patients down.

Finding Strength

November 20, 2019

Having always thought of myself as someone who could handle anything, I learned that I didn’t have to do this on my own. Accepting help was okay

Fine, Fine

November 13, 2019

When asked how they are, patients with cancer often find it simplest to say that they’re fine. Unfortunately, that may be far from the truth.

Cancer Long-Term and Late Effects: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

July 01, 2019

Are these new health conditions popping up late effects from the drugs used in my previous cancer treatment? We are only now living long enough after treatment for the doctors to see what happens years later.

Adolescents: The Forgotten Caregivers

June 22, 2019

Cancer is a huge, life-changing event for a family and the power of the experience in a young person’s life should not be underestimated. What is a semester at college compared to the learning and self-understanding that comes from being with your family in such a stressful time?

'Where's God?' Faith and Cancer

June 06, 2019

Faith can be a tricky thing when you are dealing with cancer.

The Phone Calls: Another Friend With Breast Cancer

May 28, 2019

As a cancer survivor and advocate, I have gotten the calls that we survivors hate: calls from someone we don’t know who says that a mutual friend told them to call, and friends saying they have been received a diagnosis. I am always ready when the phone rings.

Cancer Gifts: Reaching a Milestone

May 14, 2019

I hear friends talk about feeling old and resisting the natural process of aging. “Old” for me was a dream and a wish. Now I rejoice in every wrinkle as affirmation that I am getting older. Yahoo. I can’t wait to be 70.

Sex and Cancer

April 20, 2019

Talking about sex during and after cancer treatment can be tricky. With the issues surrounding cancer in the equation, what is supposed to be unspoken and mystical now requires some good communication.

Outrunning Cancer

April 19, 2019

An interview with Angela Hammack, B.S.N., RN, OCN.

Making a Dream Come True

April 18, 2019

An interview with Barbara Bittner, RN, OCN, CURE® Extraordinary Healer® Award finalist.

Forming Lifelong Bonds

April 18, 2019

By providing support and education to aid patients in coping with cancer, nurses can help these individuals make the most of their lives.

Part of the Family

April 17, 2019

An interview with Caitlin Cohen, M.S.N., RN, CPNP-AC, CPHON, winner of the CURE® Extraordinary Healer® Award.

Being an Advocate: "A What?"

April 10, 2019

When Kathy LaTour learned about a group of people who had come together to advocate for cancer survivors, she joined their mission to spread awareness that the cancer experience still continues after treatment.

Ruminating on Rumination

March 27, 2019

It’s hard to let go of fear when that’s all you feel. It’s called rumination. The trick is finding ways to stop ruminating about the fear to be able to live fully until whatever is going to happen, happens.