Katie Couric

Adapting to the New Normal When a Loved One Has Cancer

July 11, 2019

Katie Couric discussed the many challenges she faced while being a caregiver to her husband during his nine-month battle with colorectal cancer and shared how her career helped her to cope with the loss and turmoil in her life.

Being a Caregiver: The Unsung Heroes of Cancer

July 02, 2019

Katie Couric spoke about the challenges she faced while caring for her late husband while maintaining a career and taking care of her daughters’ needs during their family’s unfortunate circumstances.

Katie Couric Speaks About Grief and Moving on After Losing Loved Ones to Cancer

June 20, 2019

Katie Couric lost both her husband and her sister to cancer within only a few years of one another. The legendary broadcast journalist spoke about the devastating loss of her loved ones and shared how she moved past her grief.