Miranda Lankas

Miranda Lankas, Assistant Editor for CURE®, started at MJH Life sciences in August 2022. She completed an undergraduate and Master of Arts degree in literature at Temple University. Miranda’s passions include embroidery, color guard, and picking up new languages. Email her in English, French, or Japanese at

Imfinzi-Based Treatment Before, After Surgery May Significantly Improve Survival in Resectable NSCLC

March 11, 2023

Patients with resectable non-small cell lung cancer treated with Imfinzi plus chemo before surgery or as monotherapy after surgery demonstrated significant improvements to event-free survival compared with those treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy and surgery, study results show.

Open, Non-Judgmental Communication Is Key in Transgender Cancer Care

March 01, 2023

Oncologists suggest that treatment decisions made for transgender cancer patients should not be made through the lens of their gender identity but should encourage physicians to discuss a wider variety of treatment options with all patients.

Physical Function May Decline in Women After Cancer Diagnosis, Throughout Survivorship

February 07, 2023

Postmenopausal women cancer survivors, including lung, breast, colorectal and endometrial cancer, may have a greater physical function decline than is generally expected at their age, which may lead to lower quality of life after treatment.

Acknowledging Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment May Be Best Treatment for Breast Cancer Survivors Versus Physical, Mindfulness Exercises

January 26, 2023

When comparing mindfulness activities with physical exercise and no exercise to treat cancer-related cognitive impairment, breast cancer survivors showed similar outcomes across the board, leading researchers to suggest acknowledging the side effect may help patients cope.

Retired Social Worker Goes Against Doctors’ Orders and Finds Personal Advocacy Through Prostate Cancer

January 12, 2023

A retired psychotherapist and social worker published a memoir detailing his experiences with disease and navigating the health care space, as well as “all the things that people think about (but) they don't necessarily talk about or even talk to their doctors about.”

Neoadjuvant Therapies and Less Invasive Surgeries May Have Improved Survival for Rectal Cancer Care Over Time

January 10, 2023

Treatments before surgery for rectal adenocarcinoma, a type of rectal cancer, have increased and correlated with preservative surgeries and improved overall survival in the last 16 years, though improvements may still be needed for disease screening, an expert said.

Embracing Pack Mentality After Cancer

December 21, 2022

"We call ourselves the wolf pack. ... It is kind of tongue in cheek, but there is some seriousness behind how we view each other in terms of having each other’s backs,” said Trevor Maxwell, a stage 4 colon cancer survivor and the founder of Man Up to Cancer.