Sonya Collins

New Approaches Have Emerged that May Better Treat Secondary Breast Cancer Years After an Initial Diagnosis

October 12, 2022

“Novel approaches to immunotherapy, targeted therapy and combinations with standard chemotherapy are all areas of current research interest,” says an expert at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Sarcoma Center in Boston. “(Secondary breast cancer) can be very challenging when it recurs, so we need to continue to work toward improving systemic therapies through ongoing international trials and collaboration across the community of patients and physicians. That’s what’s going to help us improve outcomes.”

Preventive Drugs Keep Cancer "and Fear" Away

October 21, 2015

"I always felt that I would get breast cancer. It was only a question of when," says Shari Levy. Levy's mother died of breast cancer, and Levy, who has dense breasts, has had five breast biopsies.