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Image of a doctor talking with a patient.
Weeks of TIL Therapy ‘Buys Years’ to Next Melanoma Treatment, Expert Says

February 22nd 2024

Treatment with Amtagvi, a TIL therapy recently approved for advanced melanoma, includes a three-week hospital stay upfront, but may lead to years of monitoring without more treatment needed, an expert explained.

Dr. Patrick Ott of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute wearing a blue button up shirt, sitting in a room with two nature paintings.
Cancer Vaccine ‘Closer Than We Ever Thought,’ 2025 Availability Possible

February 20th 2024

Image of a cancer vaccine vial with a syringe and a blue rubber glove in the background.
Cancer Vaccine Could Go ‘Above and Beyond Standard of Care’ For Patients

February 15th 2024

Kirian Rodríguez, a midfielder for the Las Palmas professional soccer team, opened up about his experience with Hodgkin lymphoma.
Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed With Melanoma, Selena Gomez Responds to a Fan With Cancer and More

January 26th 2024

cells, test tube
Rare Immune Cell May Predict Immunotherapy Response in Melanoma

January 7th 2024

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