A Look Back at the Top 10 CURE Stories of 2019


As 2019 comes to a close, take a read through CURE®’s top stories of the year.

As 2019 comes to a close, take a read through CURE®’s top stories of the year.

10. Embracing Multitasking: Combining Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer

An expert sheds light on the emerging combination treatments for pancreatic cancer that aim to cure as many patients as possible through surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

9. Lung-MAP Trial Opens Enrollment to Patients With All Types of NSCLC

CURE® often reports on what clinical trials are currently enrolling in various cancer spaces. Here, we shared information on the Lung Cancer Master Protocol, a National Cancer Institute trial whose criteria was expanded to allow the participation of patients with all types of non-small cell lung cancer back in May 2019.

8. Ovarian Cancer’s New Identity: A Chronic Disease

Women with ovarian cancer are living longer, despite common recurrence. In this print piece, we speak with patients and physicians about how the perception of this gynecologic malignancy is shifting to that of a chronic disease.

7. Family History Raises Risk of Blood Cancer

According to the results of a large European study, having a parent, sibling or child with blood cancer raises an individual’s risk of also receiving a blood cancer diagnosis. We take a closer look in this piece.

6. False Hope and Cancer Cures

Hope can be a tricky thing, especially for those dealing with cancer. Here, a contributor explores why it matters when hope isn't really hope at all and shares some advice on reading articles about cancer research.

5. Overcoming Appointment Anxiety

Anxiety before a CT scan or checkup appointment can be troublesome for a person with cancer. In this post, one survivor shares her tips on how to conquer these feelings after going through them herself.

4. Primary Peritoneal Cancer: Know the Basics

Primary peritoneal cancer is a rare relative of ovarian cancer — in every 1 million people, fewer than seven cases occur. Here, we speak with several experts and patients about their experience with the disease to learn more about how it is diagnosed and treated.

3. A Long History of BRCA

In this piece from our Women’s Cancers issue, three sisters trace their family’s experiences with breast and ovarian cancer, spanning multiple generations all the way back to 1860.

2. Pondering Life as a Cancer Survivor

One survivor shares her thoughts on how many patients with cancer wonder, deep down, if they are going to live long enough to see the next grandchild, attend an important wedding or anniversary or finish a project.

1. Opioids Must Be Used Responsibly Amid a National Epidemic

As states and the federal government contemplate additional legislation to help address the opioid epidemic, this piece takes a closer look at why the oncology community must demand continued safe access to opioids.

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