Cancer Questions and Unwanted Drips


A survivor of myxofibrosarcoma expresses his thoughts about cancer recurrence and treatment options in a poem.

I am submitting this poem because it was my experience with cancer. In September 2005, I was diagnosed with myxofibrosarcoma. It was superficial. After being advised of options, I conferred with several doctors and chose a local excision. In May 2007, I had a recurrence. I again conferred with several doctors and hesitantly chose chemotherapy and radiation. I took supplements throughout my treatment which I currently still take. I changed my diet as well to eliminate gluten and diary. I am and have been cancer free since my treatment.

Unwanted Drips

Resected is the favorite choice,

But the patient has the final voice.

Should it be done or should it not?

It’s forward minds taking a shot.

Second resection and a reluctant choice chosen.

A friend, three advocates, a doctor and one doctor unfroze it.

Interpreting technical terms, side effects and all,

Uncovered knowledge with research to help stand tall.

For this, there are specific agents to use.

A.I.M., M.A.I.D. and many others to choose.

Drips, tablets, inpatient and outpatient are affliction’s pick.

You are the advocate, but the doctor’s mind stick.

I’m in! Whether I want to be or – not, knot, knock.

For five days, eyes are watching the clot, clotting, clock.

Many questions pass between advocate and rounders.

Defensiveness and offensiveness take the air until soundness.

One doctor’s program and beliefs will save the life.

One advocate’s tenacity, astuteness and resourcefulness will save the life.

That unbeknownst friend, will save the life.

Another advocate’s powerful thought and one more advocate will save the life.

This poem was originally submitted for the CURE® 2021 Poetry Contest.

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