Cancer Ward Day 30


In this poem, a woman with liposarcoma writes about her feelings during a long hospital stay.

blurred image of a hospital hallway

Lonely surrounded by the noise.

Machines buzzing and beeping.

It doesn't stop.

Here to take your vitals.

Here to take your blood pressure.

Here to take your temperature.

Here's your pain pills.

Here's your anti nausea medicine.

Here's your IV

Do you need anything?

I need my priest.

I need my angels: City, Urban and Uber.

I need my spirit sisters.

I need my friends.

I need my besties.

I need my family.

I need my husband.

I need my daughter.

I need my dad.

I need my mama.

I need to go to the bathroom.

I need my pain pills.

I need to go home.

I need to feel the wind on my face.

I need to I go outside!


Please stop.

Please leave me alone.

Please don't leave me alone.

I'm lonely and scared.

30 days is too long.

I don't wanna be here.

I want to go home.

I'm afraid to go home and not heal again and have to return to day 1.

This post was written and submitted by Dawn M. Carlson. The article reflects the views of Carlson and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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