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CURE's Top 5 Stories: June 2019


Here are the top 5 CURE stories for June 2019.

Here are the top 5 CURE stories for June 2019.

5. A Tornado of Survivor's Guilt

Jamie Aten is a disaster psychologist who doesn’t just study disasters—he’s lived them as a Hurricane Katrina survivor and early-age onset stage IV colorectal cancer survivor. Here, he shares how he wrestled with the guilt, sadness and gratitude that comes with being a survivor.

4. FDA Program Streamlines Access to Drugs

Earlier this month, The Food and Drug Administration revealed its pilot program, called Project Facilitate, which is designed to assist oncologists and patients requesting access to unapproved therapies in the cancer space. Learn more in this story.

3. Bad News Over the Phone

Should patients be given a choice on how they wish to receive bad news? One survivor seems to think so. Here, CURE contributor Bonnie Annis shares how she received the news of her life-changing diagnosis over the phone and ponders the importance of personal preference in how one receives bad news.

2. SNL Alum and Childhood Cancer Survivor Publishes Children’s Book

In a talk about her new book, comedian Vanessa Bayer explains how her experience with leukemia contributed to her comic perspective and her sense of empathy. Read more about her in this piece.

1. When Beating Cancer Means Battling the System

Two years ago, Karen Peterson lived her “last spring.” But now, thanks to genomic testing, she’s cancer free. In her Share Your Story feature, she explains why she’s still going to live every day like it’s her last.

And as always, for links to all of our top stories and more, visit curetoday.com.

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