Don Omar Announces Being Cancer Free, ‘General Hospital’ Star Opens Up About Cancer and More


From Don Omar announcing being cancer free to “General Hospital” star John York talking about treatment for his two cancers, here’s what’s going on in the oncology space this week.

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Don Omar announced that he is now cancer free.

Rapper, Don Omar, said he is “cancer free” a day after announcing his diagnosis.

Don Omar, a rapper known for his songs including “Taboo” and “Angelito,” announced on Monday, June 17, that he was diagnosed with cancer. Then, in an Instagram post on Tuesday, June 18, the 46-year-old said that he was cancer-free.

The first Instagram post on June 17 featured an image of an Orlando Health hospital bracelet. The caption, which was written in Spanish read, “Today yes, but tomorrow I won’t have cancer."

Then, the June 18 post, which showed an Omar giving the peace sign, said, “I woke up today cancer-free and grateful,” Omar, who is from Puerto Rico, wrote in Spanish. Later, the rapper shared a photo of his tour schedule, which is set to kick off in August.

A “General Hospital” star opened up about his two cancers.

John York, 65, known for his role on the soap opera “General Hospital,” opened up about his experience with treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and multiple myeloma. Soon, he will return to his role on the show, he told “Good Morning America.”

“Everyone has been very welcoming, very supportive … I can’t tell you how nice it’s been, the support that I’ve gotten,” York told ABC News.

York said he chose the most aggressive treatment option, which included finding a bone marrow donor and undergoing chemotherapy — helping him quickly recover and return to the small screen.

Although it took months before he found a bone marrow donor match, he noted that the “little bag of blood and fluid” allowed him to recover and get back to work.

One day, he hopes to be able to meet his donor and thank them.

“I’ll be able to find out [who they are] after a year,” York said. “So, come November, if that gentleman wants to meet me, and I’d love to be able to meet him and say hi, and say thank you, that would be awesome.”

Barstool Sports Founder revealed having skin cancer during a podcast.

Dave Portnoy, 47, founder of Barstool Sports, revealed that he had skin cancer during an episode of the “BFFs” podcast.

His co-host had pointed out stitches on his neck, to which he said, “Yeah, cancer. I beat it, though.”

During the podcast, Portnoy explained that the cut was caused by skin cancer on his neck. He recently underwent a procedure to remove a mole.

“I don’t want to be like ‘Oh I have cancer, feel bad for me,’ but I wanted sympathy,” he said during the podcast. “There’s really obviously serious cancer. Mine wasn’t. But I have the right to say I am a cancer survivor now. It looks like I got stabbed.”

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