Rock Star Lung Cancer Supporter and Advocate

Lung Cancer Heroes®CURE® Lung Cancer Heroes® 2021 Essay Book
Volume 2

A lung cancer survivor describes a passionate advocate who has changed the world of many patients.

As a lung cancer survivor, I met Katie Brown online after first joining one of the LUNGevity lung cancer support groups on Facebook. I quickly learned that she is one of the most caring and kind people I have ever met — not only in her role for LUNGevity but also as the daughter of a patient with lung cancer who lost his battle some time ago. She is such an inspirational person, mom and wife and an amazing advocate who works so hard for us all. At the same time, she is also living with her own chronic health condition.

Katie Brown. Photo by Jared Rey Hernandez.

Katie Brown. Photo by Jared Rey Hernandez.

Because of her dedication, her compassion and how she truly touched my heart as a patient with stage 4 lung cancer, I became involved in lung cancer advocacy and now volunteer for several lung cancer support groups including LUNGevity.

She is truly adored and loved by everyone in the lung cancer community. I truly believe she is a lung cancer hero and deserving of this honor!

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