The Lung Cancer Advocate Who Is a Friend to All

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A woman who has worked with Upal Basu Roy in the lung cancer space for many years explains why he is a lung cancer hero to everyone he has worked with, due to his dedication and empathy.

Upal Basu Roy is the executive director of LUNGevity Research at the LUNGevity Foundation. I have had the pleasure of getting to know and working with Upal for the past five years in my position with the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).

Kristin Ito. Photo provided by Ito.

Kristin Ito. Photo provided by Ito.

Upal is one of the most dedicated, empathetic and passionate individuals I know within the lung cancer community. His dedication is continuously demonstrated by his involvement in multiple projects beyond what is listed within his job description. I have been incredibly fortunate to work closely with Upal in the development and execution of the IASLC Supportive Training for Advocates on Research and Science (STARS) program. His involvement in this program truly adds to its success.

When it comes to empathy, it is not easy for many, but for Upal, it is palpable. He is more than a colleague within the lung cancer community; he is a dear friend. Patients/survivors, caregivers, advocates, researchers, clinicians, etc., from all over the world know they can call upon Upal for a caring heart and listening ear.

Basu Roy and colleagues at the 2019 World Conference of Lung Cancer. Photo provided by Ito.

Basu Roy and colleagues at the 2019 World Conference of Lung Cancer. Photo provided by Ito.

Passion is an intense, driving or overmastering feeling or conviction. It is clear from Upal’s work

that he is passionate to make a difference in the world. Together with a research advocate in Nigeria and another patient/survivor research advocate in the U.S., we are taking steps to tackle access issues within Nigeria. With his partnership in this important project, Upal is always able to see the big picture and think two steps ahead to ensure our efforts are not lost.

There are many among us who are unsung heroes and deserving of recognition, and Upal is

one of them. Upal has been active in the world of patient advocacy for roughly 12 years, and honoring him with the Lung Cancer Heroes® award would shed light on the goodness that he contributes. I know I am not alone in asking. Please honor my friend and colleague with this prestigious award.

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