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Women's History Month: Women as Leaders, Builders and Survivors

May we not focus on our differences, but focus on what we can do to offer a hand to any other woman and person in need.
PUBLISHED March 21, 2018
Tamera Anderson-Hanna is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addiction Professional, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and became a Registered Yoga Teacher while coping with breast cancer in 2015. She owns Wellness, Therapy, & Yoga in Florida where she provides personal wellness services and coaching and she is a public speaker on wellness-related topics. You can connect with her at
March is Women's History Month, when we are encouraged to embrace other women and the accomplishments we have made. Advancements stretch much further than being able to own a bank account in our own name. Women now vote and run for office, and we seek educations and have the ability to provide for ourselves. It is a good time to remember our voice in terms of treatment and advancement for conditions like breast and ovarian cancer, as we are the builders, leaders and survivors for the path of women experiencing cancer.

I am personally grateful to women who have been advocates and survivors prior to my being diagnosed with breast cancer. Without the voice of earlier survivors, I might not be here doing as well as I am today. There are women before us who were diagnosed with cancer and who advocated and raised a voice to ensure that women get mammograms are that reconstruction is a covered medical benefit. I am personally grateful for these services, as I was diagnosed when going in for my annual mammogram.

The founder of CURE, Kathy LaTour, is a woman who advocated and still advocates to bring a voice to patients and survivors of cancer. With hope and a voice, we come together to make a difference. We have many beautiful voices to represent the many faces and experiences of cancer and survivorship. For we all are the face of cancer, and yes, we are all unique, but it is with a united voice that we can encourage survivorship as WOMEN. When we use united energy to help others in a time of need when another's voice falls short due to fear, anger or sadness, we experience the process of surviving and survivorship. May we not focus on our differences but focus on what we can do to offer a hand to any other woman and person in need. As women, may we remain strong and continue with our own voices and experiences to make a path, which makes it inviting for the next woman who might be diagnosed or experience the unwanted news of a reccurrence. For we are:
W - Wise
O - Open-Minded
M - Mentors
E - Empowered & Educated
N - Nurturing

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