Extraordinary Healer® Vol. 15

With the Extraordinary Healer ® Award for Oncology Nursing, we at CURE® present our readers with a unique opportunity each year to honor oncology nurses who have helped guide them through the cancer experience. This year, many patients, survivors, caregivers and health professionals submitted inspirational essays describing the compassion, expertise and helpfulness that these special nurses exhibited.

We have compiled their tributes in Extraordinary Healers®: CURE ® Readers Honor Oncology Nurses, Volume 15, which celebrates the extraordinary men and women who make a difference in patients’ lives. Coupled with compelling photography, these moving stories of oncology nurses are told in CURE® readers’ own words.

Knowledge and Compassion Can Be a Phone Call Away

September 06, 2021


A patient undergoing treatment for neuroendocrine tumors maintained a positive attitude about his cancer through phone calls from his care manager to check in after appointments, among other efforts.

‘A Force of Nature’ as an Oncology Nurse

June 14, 2021


From physical therapy for pain to an emergency room visit ending up in a cancer diagnosis, a patient describes her experience with an oncology nurse with whom she attributes a positive recovery experience.

Compassion During Cancer Treatment

June 13, 2021


A patient wrote about the smile and hug he received every time he went for a doctor’s visit, in addition to the wealth of information she provided whenever he had questions related to his cancer.

Physical and Mental Care of Patients is Meaningful During Cancer Treatment

May 28, 2021


A doctor from the department of radiation oncology at Emory’s Clifton Campus describes a nurse at her institution who goes “above and beyond” her call of duty by training her colleagues and making her patients feel comfortable.