Childhood Cancers

CURE’s childhood cancers page is a go-to resource for oncology news and updates in the world of childhood cancers Here, readers will find cancer articles, videos, podcasts, and more with expert insight into the latest treatments and research in childhood cancers.

Latest News

Image of a rainbow in a storm.
Prisms of Sparkling Light Through Cancer's Storm

April 1st 2024

Cancer comes with an awful storm, but the prisms of light can make it a little less worse.

Image of an adult holding a child's hand.
Besponsa ‘More Effective’ at Driving Remission for Pediatric B-ALL

March 29th 2024

Image of a caregiver with a child with cancer.
Music Therapy Helps Children With Cancer, Eases Caregiver Burden

March 26th 2024

FDA on a blue background
FDA Grants Rare Pediatric Disease Designation to LSTA1 in Osteosarcoma

March 25th 2024

conceptual image of depression: black paper silhouette of a bent-down head with crumpled up paper coming out
Rhabdomyosarcoma Survivors May Have Poor Psychological Outcomes

March 7th 2024