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cartoon image of blogger and AML survivor, Mary Sansone
Let Doctors Deal With the Cancer Stats

May 12th 2024

When I was diagnosed and treated for a recurrence of AML, I was given an abundance of statistical information through required medical expert orations and accredited literature.

Image of an X-ray showing the pancreas.
Meg Bennett Dies, ‘Star Trek’ Actress Still Cancer-Free After 20 Years and More

April 26th 2024

Image of "FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation."
Ziftomenib Granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation by FDA in R/R AML

April 23rd 2024

Illustration of a woman with long blonde hair wearing sunglasses.
My ‘Other Birthday’ is Coming Up After Cancer

April 22nd 2024

Image of a book that says "Pancreatic Cancer."
Patrick Swayze’s Widow Reflects His Cancer, Demi Moore Speaks About Breast Cancer and More

April 12th 2024

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