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FDA Warns Patients With Myeloma About Pepaxto: Drug Increased Death Rates in Clinical Trial

July 29th 2021

Patients with myeloma who are receiving Pepaxto should discuss the potential risks and benefits of continued treatment with the drug.

Patients With Blood Cancer Less Likely to Produce COVID-19 Antibodies After Vaccination

July 26th 2021

About 25% of patients with blood cancer did not produce antibodies after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

FDA Approves Darzalex Faspro for Second-Line Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

July 12th 2021

Darzalex Faspro has received FDA approval for use in combination with pomalidomide and dexamethasone for patients with multiple myeloma who previously received one line of therapy.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Dies From Multiple Myeloma

July 1st 2021

Donald Rumsfeld, who died from multiple myeloma, served as secretary of defense under Presidents Gerald R. Ford and George W. Bush.

Preventative Kineret May Ease CAR-T Cell Therapy Side Effects in Multiple Myeloma

June 24th 2021

Recent findings merit further study of the immunosuppressive drug as therapy in patients with multiple myeloma.

Adding Darzalex to Standard of Care May Improve Survival in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

June 22nd 2021

Results from a recent study strongly support a treatment regimen of Darzalex with Revlimid and dexamethasone as a new standard of care for patients with transplant-ineligible newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.

Novel Injectable Drug Shows Promise in Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma

June 11th 2021

Treatment with an investigational drug induced high response rates in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma.

Single-Injection CAR-T Cell Therapy Improves Long-Term Treatment Responses in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma

June 8th 2021

Patients with relapsed/refractory myeloma who were previously treated with three or more therapies responded to an infusion of a novel CAR-T cell therapy up to 18 months with no new side effects compared with 12-month results of this study.

Kyprolis-Based Regimen Induces Similar Results as Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

June 8th 2021

The study’s lead author noted that a survival outcome, along with other results, was similar among the two groups.

Abecma Continues to Improve Survival in Heavily Pretreated Patients With Multiple Myeloma

June 6th 2021

After long-term follow-up, the CAR-T cell therapy still boosted survival outcomes in patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma, regardless of the number of prior lines of therapy received.

Novel CAR-T Cell Therapy Produces Early and Deep Responses in Certain Patients with Multiple Myeloma

June 5th 2021

A single infusion of a novel CAR-T cell therapy was associated with early and deep responses to treatment among a certain group of patients with multiple myeloma.

Taking Control of Multiple Myeloma

June 2nd 2021

Donna and Dr Gasparetto close the discussion by highlighting the importance of physicians utilizing their patients, as well as patients being involved with their multiple myeloma treatment.

Donna’s Advice to Multiple Myeloma Patients

June 2nd 2021

Donna gives advice to other multiple myeloma patients about what she has learned from living with this disease and her various therapies.

New Personalized Treatment Method Developed to Improve Outcomes in Older Multiple Myeloma Patients

May 26th 2021

Researchers have developed Myeloma Drug Sensitivity Testing to determine which medications will be most effective with minimal side-effects.

Carfilzomib for Multiple Myeloma and Donna’s Second Relapse

May 21st 2021

Cristina Gasparetto, MD, discusses Donna’s relationship with the drug carfilzomib for multiple myeloma therapy, as well as her second relapse.

Multiple Myeloma First- and Second-Line Therapies for Donna

May 21st 2021

Donna and Dr Gasparetto converse about the many first- and second-line therapies for multiple myeloma.

Multiple Myeloma Maintenance and Donna’s First Relapse

May 21st 2021

Cristina Gasparetto, MD, details typical multiple myeloma maintenance in comparison with Donna’s therapies, and Donna tells us about her first relapse with multiple myeloma.

Donna’s Multiple Myeloma Transplants and Chemotherapy

May 21st 2021

We learn more about Donna’s 2 transplants, her chemotherapy, and how they impacted her quality of life.

Donna’s Road to Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis and Transplants

May 21st 2021

Donna discusses her multiple myeloma diagnosis and the start of her treatment, while Dr Gasparetto educates on the importance of transplants.

Multiple Myeloma and Donna’s Symptoms: An Overview

May 21st 2021

Cristina Gasparetto, MD, gives a brief overview of the multiple myeloma disease state and introduces us to Donna, one of her patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

Why It’s Important to Be a Well-Educated, Proactive Patient

May 19th 2021

Patients with cancer can advocate for themselves by researching their illnesses and treatments before an appointment, so they’re able to ask better questions, says an expert from the HealthTree Foundation & Myeloma Crowd.

Seeing a Specialist and Getting Multiple Opinions is Important for Newly-Diagnosed Patients with Myeloma

May 17th 2021

When a patient is first diagnosed with myeloma, they should seek out various opinions until they find a specialist that is well-versed in their cancer type, says an expert from the HealthTree Foundation & Myeloma Crowd.

Immunotherapy Could 'Provide A Whole New Realm' For Patients with Myeloma

May 14th 2021

New advances in research around immunotherapies for patients with myeloma are on the horizon, according to an expert from the HealthTree Foundation & Myeloma Crowd.

How a Plasma Cell Disorder Called MGUS Can Progress to Multiple Myeloma

May 13th 2021

All patients with multiple myeloma have had MGUS, so what is it?

Significant Disagreements Among Patients With Blood Cancers and Oncologists Persist Regarding Prognosis and Goals of Care

May 10th 2021

There is a difference between patient and oncologists regarding prognosis, and patients are lacking understanding of prognosis and interventions needed to help them make more informed treatment choices.

FDA’s Abecma Approval a ‘Great Blessing’ for Patients with Multiple Myeloma

April 30th 2021

The Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of Abecma is an extremely significant development for patients with heavily pretreated multiple myeloma, according to an expert from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Progression-Free Survival and Minimal Residual Disease Negativity May Result From Combination Therapy in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

April 27th 2021

Most patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma treated with a combination of Kyprolis, Revlimid, dexamethasone and Darzalex achieved minimal residual disease negativity during a median follow-up of 11 months.

Triple Therapy Shows Promise for Elderly, Frail Patients With Previously Treated Multiple Myeloma

April 26th 2021

Treatment with Xpovio, Velcade and dexamethasone is effective, safe and tolerable for patients with multiple myeloma, specifically those who are at least 65 years and frail.

Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis: The Beginning of Beth’s Story

April 14th 2021

Elie Fahed, MD, provides an overview of what multiple myeloma is, and Beth walks us through her frustrating journey to initial diagnosis as an atypical patient.

How Treating Myeloma is About Extending Remissions and Making it ‘Livable’

April 12th 2021

In an interview, Dr. Nina Shah of UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center discusses how she changed her perspective on finding a cure for myeloma and what her goals are when it comes to treating her patients.