Myeloma | Tumor

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Myeloma

December 16th 2020, 4:00pm


In an interview with CURE®, Dr. Giada Bianchi provides patients an overview of myeloma, including symptoms and risk factors of the disease people should look out for.

Understanding New Treatment Options for Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma

December 15th 2020, 10:15pm


The complexity of multiple myeloma can make it difficult to treat, but with complexity comes more avenues for researchers to explore what treatments work best. Recently, CURE® spoke with an expert from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on what patients can expect to see from the clinical setting.

Venclexta With Velcade and Dexamethasone May Improve Progression-Free Survival in Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma

December 4th 2020, 10:00pm


The phase 3 trial found that this treatment improves progression-free survival (PFS) during 18.7 months of follow-up, although patients treated with Venclexta (venetoclax) a had increased mortality rates compared with those treated with placebo.

Evolving Standards and Heated Debates in the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

December 4th 2020, 2:00pm


Evolving standards of care in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM) have given patients a wider variety of possibilities but can also be disconcerting. In a presentation during CURE®’s Educated Patient® Multiple Myeloma Summit, Dr. Clifton Mo, of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, explores the treatment landscape and breaks down what these different options can offer patients.

The Latest News and Updates in Myeloma

October 27th 2020, 3:00pm


A roundup of the latest news and updates for patients with myeloma from CURE®.

Adding Darzalex to Standard Treatment for High-Risk Multiple Myeloma May Delay Disease Progression

October 27th 2020, 1:00pm


A meta-analysis of six clinical trials showed that standard treatment regimens for high-risk multiple myeloma may be more effective at delaying disease progression if they are given in combination with the targeted drug Darzalex (daratumumab).

Myeloma: The First Remission Is the Deepest

October 26th 2020, 6:00pm


Not everyone with myeloma needs to be treated right away, but when they do, there are some important upfront considerations for patients and providers.

Program Leads Patients With Cancer on ‘The Right Track’

September 24th 2020, 9:00pm


Finding the best care team can make all the difference for patients with diseases like multiple myeloma.

Drug Exposure, Disease Characteristics Not Linked to Increased Mortality Risk in Patients with Multiple Myeloma Who Contracted COVID-19

September 17th 2020, 6:00pm


Specific disease characteristics of, and treatments for, multiple myeloma were not associated with increased mortality risk in patients with multiple myeloma who developed COVID-19, according to data published in Journal of Hematology & Oncology.

Phase 3 TOURMALINE-MM2 Study Fails to Meet Primary Endpoint in Treating Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

September 14th 2020, 9:00pm


The data demonstrated that the addition of Ninlaro to Revlimid and dexamethasone led to a 13.5-month increase in median progression-free survival, compared with placebo. However, the data failed to meet the threshold for statistical significance.