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Longer Use of Avastin Slows Ovarian Cancer

June 15th 2010

Continued use of the targeted drug Avastin (bevacizumab), after initial treatment with the drug and chemotherapy, helped slow progression of advanced ovarian cancer, according to a phase 3 study.

ASCO Updates

June 7th 2010

Updates from the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

How Should Ovarian Cancer Survivors Be Monitored for Relapse?

September 14th 2009

Treating an ovarian cancer relapse as soon as it can be detected seems like a good idea. But not so fast, a major study has concluded.

Playing the Numbers Game

August 20th 2009

Ovarian cancer survivors ponder implications of CA-125 study.

ASCO Updates

June 9th 2009

News from the 2009 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

CA-125 Monitoring Not Helpful for Ovarian Cancer Survivors

June 7th 2009

Results from an international study challenge current practice of screening for ovarian cancer relapse.

Downsizing Swollen Limbs

December 9th 2008

Controlling lymphedema with the old and the new.

The Pitfalls and Promises of Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer Early

October 24th 2008

Ovarian cancer, also known as “the silent killer,” may soon be detected earlier, giving women improved survival rates, with the recognition of specific early warning signs which including abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, urinary urgency or frequency, pelvic and lower back pressure, loss of appetite or feeling full quickly and abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Warning Signs

December 11th 2007

Paying attention to early symptoms of ovarian cancer may give a voice to the "silent killer," but some advise caution.

When Survivors Speak And Physicians Listen

December 11th 2007

Ovarian cancer survivor advocates led the way for scientific studies of early symptoms of ovarian cancer and are ultimately responsible for the recognition and consensus statement on the warning signs by the medical community.


December 11th 2007

Ovarian Cancer Alliance launches social networking site.

Home-Brewed Gene Tests

December 19th 2006

This article discusses genetic test kits and the types of cancer they test for.

Family Ties

August 10th 2006

The individual & family decisions behind testing for genetic cancer risk.

To Know or Not To Know

August 10th 2006

Learning about one's genetic status may open a Pandora's box of personal and familial issues.

House Call

August 10th 2006

This article discusses premature menopause as a result of cancer treatments.