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Actor Scott Foley Offers Hope, Raises Awareness to Women with Ovarian Cancer

January 8th 2021

In an interview with CURE®, the “Felicity” and “Scandal” actor spoke about his experience as a caregiver to his mother, and why women should not just watch and wait for their ovarian cancer to recur.

Proper Staging of Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer Before Treatment Provides Critical Information for Potentially Improved Outcomes

January 5th 2021

A gynecologic oncology expert from the University of California, Davis reviewed early-stage ovarian cancer and the importance of knowing what options are available before, during and after treatment.

7 Ovarian Cancer News and Updates That Patients May Have Missed in 2020

January 4th 2021

A roundup of some ovarian cancer news and updates that occurred in 2020 that patients may have missed.

Combination Treatment Increases Quality of Life for Patients With Ovarian Cancer

December 28th 2020

Women with ovarian cancer report a better quality of life when treated with a combination of Keytruda, Avastin and oral metronomic cyclophosphamide.

Keytruda Combo Therapy Demonstrates Clinical Benefit and Durable Treatment Response in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

December 22nd 2020

Keytruda (pembrolizumab), Avastin (bevacizumab) and cyclophosphamide contributed to a clinical benefit in 95% of women in the trial and a durable treatment response of 12 months or longer in 25% of women.

Ovarian Cancer Heroes 2020

October 17th 2020

Watch the entire Ovarian Cancer Heroes program right here!

CURE®’s Annual Ovarian Cancer Heroes Program Goes Virtual Amid COVID-19 to Honor Three Women Who Have Dedicated Their Lives to Patients with Gynecologic Cancer

October 17th 2020

An oncology nurse, patient turned advocate and cancer biologist were honored during CURE®’s third annual Ovarian Cancer Heroes program where they got to share messages of resiliency with a virtual audience.

How COVID-19 Robs Patients with Cancer of Their Precious Time

October 6th 2020

Time is a valuable commodity, especially for patients with cancer who may find themselves with limited time or limited free time to enjoy the things they loved prior to their cancer. But the COVID-19 pandemic is robbing patients of that precious time.

Long-Term Evidence Confirms Benefit of Approved Lynparza Maintenance Strategy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

September 29th 2020

Five-year follow-up data from the phase 3 SOLO-1 trial demonstrates a nearly five-year delay in disease progression with Lynparza compared with a delay of just over a year with placebo in women with newly diagnosed, advanced ovarian cancer harboring a BRCA gene mutation.

Dose-Dense Chemo Regimen No Better Than Standard of Care for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

September 28th 2020

A weekly high dose of chemotherapy did not improve survival for patients with epithelial ovarian cancer, though the treatment regimen was effective and well-tolerated.

Study Finds Premenopausal Women Facing Increased Ovarian Cancer Risk Favor Removing Fallopian Tubes But Save Ovaries

September 11th 2020

A proposed preventive surgery that would take out fallopian tubes before menopause but save ovary removal until afterwards was favored by most premenopausal previvors of ovarian cancer in a study.

Patients with Ovarian Cancer Suggest Using Visual Learning Aids and Simplified Language to Better Help Them Understand Genetic Testing and Counseling

September 11th 2020

The study results also showed that older age was significantly associated with lower cancer genetics knowledge, which, according to a post-doctoral research fellow at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is important because older adults may serve as a resource for family members who seek information about their family's health history.

Mektovi Fails to Improve Progression-Free Survival in Rare Ovarian Cancer Subset, But Shows Effective Results

September 10th 2020

Compared to physician’s choice of chemotherapy, the MEK inhibitor Mektovi failed to improve progression-free survival in patients with low-grade serous ovarian carcinomas. However, the study authors note Mektovi demonstrated promising results that support continued use of the treatment.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to Host Annual Together in Teal® Event

September 8th 2020

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to host its annual "Together in Teal®" No Boundaries National Broadcast Celebration During September awareness month on Saturday, Septemeber 26, 2020.

Lynparza Maintenance Delays Disease Progression for Advanced BRCA-Positive Ovarian Cancer

September 3rd 2020

Immediate treatment with Lynparza after standard surgery and chemotherapy should be considered for all patients with newly diagnosed stage 3 or 4 ovarian cancer that carries a BRCA gene mutation, even if residual disease remains, researchers have found.

Women with Endometrial and Ovarian Cancers Experience Significant Fatigue Following Surgery

August 28th 2020

Nearly half (48%) of the patients reported experiencing significant fatigue following their surgery. Thirty-nine percent of the patients still reported significant fatigue one year following their surgery.

CURE’s Clinical Trial Corner: August 2020

August 27th 2020

Here is a list of the recent trial initiations that occurred within the cancer space in August.

Mortality Rate of Patients with Gynecological Cancers and COVID-19 Similar to Age Specific Risk

August 18th 2020

While 75% of patients with gynecological cancers and COVID-19 will recover, new data from New York City shows specific risks for patients with cancer infected with COVID-19.

The Latest News and Updates in Ovarian Cancer

August 3rd 2020

A roundup of the latest news and updates for patients with ovarian cancer from CURE®.

Phase 3 Study of Tecentriq in Advanced Stage Ovarian Cancer Fails to Meet its Main Goal of Progression-Free Survival

July 14th 2020

Although the study failed to meet its goal of progression-free survival, overall survival data are currently not yet available, and follow-up will continue until the next planned analysis.

Surgical Removal of Fallopian Tubes to Prevent Ovarian Cancer Rapidly Rising, More Research Needed to Support Its Continued Use

July 14th 2020

Ten percent of women who received a hysterectomy and salpingectomy, or removal of the fallopian tubes, during the study period had a family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

Certain Recurring Symptoms May Be Linked to Ovarian Cancer

July 13th 2020

A recent data analysis found that most women diagnosed with ovarian cancer (92%) experienced abdominal and pelvic-related symptoms and visited a physician with this complaint anywhere from six to 70 months prior to diagnosis.

Expert Discusses Therapeutic Options Taken At Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

July 7th 2020

Dr. Jubilee Brown discussed the use of telemedicine and oral treatment options for patients with ovarian cancer, as well as offered advice to ease stress and anxiety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Combination of Mirvetuximab Soravtansine and Avastin Demonstrates Effective Outcomes in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

June 15th 2020

The combination of mirvetuximab soravtansine and Avastin (bevacizumab) demonstrated encouraging overall response rates in patients with ovarian cancer, regardless of the disease’s previous responsiveness to platinum-based chemotherapy, according to data presented at the 2020 ASCO Virtual Scientific Program.

Lynparza-Cediranib Combination Produces Similar Activity to Standard of Care Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer

June 11th 2020

The presentation of the complete data from the NRG-GY004 trial comes just months after AstraZeneca and Merck announced in a press release that the combination failed to meet its primary endpoint of progression-free survival.

CURE's Top Stories: May 2020

June 2nd 2020

Each month, we take a look back at the most popular CURE® stories. Here are the top five stories for May 2020.

Finding Meaning While Waiting in the Infusion Chair

May 23rd 2020

One survivor makes the most of the time in the infusion chair, creating beaded jewelry and helping herself and others to heal.

Teal on Wheels: Riding to Raise Ovarian Cancer Awareness

May 21st 2020

In this episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with a cervical cancer survivor - who is currently living with ovarian cancer - about a cross-country journey she took last summer on a teal and white Harley Davidson motorcycle to raise ovarian cancer awareness.

What You Need to Know About the FDA's Approval of Lynparza and Avastin for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

May 21st 2020

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the combination of Lynparza (olaparib) and Avastin (bevacizumab) for patients with advanced ovarian cancer that carries a specific mutation and has responded to previous treatment with platinum-based chemotherapy plus Avastin. Here’s what you need to know.

FDA's Approval of Zejula Offers Patients with High-Grade Ovarian Cancer a Maintenance Therapy Option

May 20th 2020

The Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of Zejula is different from previous approvals as it is indicated for all patients with advanced epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer, according to a gynecologic oncology expert.