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Interventions Needed to Get Survivors Moving

June 9th 2009

Researchers identify what survivors need to get physically active.

Program Keeps Tabs on Childhood Cancer Survivors

June 9th 2009

Childhood cancer survivors find lifelong care at ACE program.

A Life Beyond Cancer

June 9th 2009

CURE chooses the winning essay for it 2009 Extraordinary Healer Award for Oncology Nursing.

Conquering Cancer & the Classroom

June 9th 2009

Reorienting kids to their academic and social lives after cancer.

Web Exclusive: Childhood Survivors Face Increased Risks

March 14th 2009

The risk of secondary cancers in childhood cancer survivors and what survivors can do to protect themselves.

Childhood Cancer Survivors Skip Needed Mammograms

March 13th 2009

Childhood cancer survivors skip needed mammograms

Young Patients Make Their Mark in Art Exhibit

March 13th 2009

Childhood cancer patients make their mark in art exhibit

Another Inconvenient Truth

December 9th 2008

What I didn't know then about childhood cancer.

Portraits of Courage

December 9th 2008

Photographers offer services to childhood cancer patients.

New Funding and a New Voice

September 8th 2008

New law funds pediatric cancer research.

No Child Left Behind

June 12th 2008

Childhood cancer garners sympathy from all, but drug development from few.

Kids and Adults: What's the Difference?

June 12th 2008

Adult cancers are biologically different from childhood cancer, resulting in different treatments and different success rates.

Clinical Trials: Time for a Redesign?

June 12th 2008

Researchers explore ways to improve drug evaluations in pediatric clinical trials.

Taking Up the Fight

June 12th 2008

Advocates are working together to increase awareness and research in childhood cancers.

Timeline: The Path to Expanding Research

June 12th 2008

Drug development in childhood cancer has picked up the pace in recent years.

Childhood Cancer Survivors at Increased Risk for Heart Problems

June 12th 2008

Childhood cancer survivors are at higher risk for heart disease.

Picking Up the Pace

June 12th 2008

Igniting progress in the cure of children with cancer.

Exploring the Origin of Childhood Leukemia

March 10th 2008

Twins' blood may explain how childhood leukemia develops.

Friend in Need: Chemo Duck

March 10th 2008

Lu Sipos' Chemo Duck comforts childhood cancer patients.

Blood Counts May Predict Survival

December 11th 2007

Blood counts predict leukemia survival and relapse.

Senate Committee Approval Advances the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act

December 11th 2007

Senate passes the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act for research funding.

The New Sarcoma Story

September 12th 2007

Strategies for diagnosing and treating sarcomas shift to a more patient-specific approach.

Dealing With Disfigurement

September 12th 2007

Fewer sarcoma patients are facing limb amputation with limb-salvaging surgery, but for survivors like Joshua Isaac, physical and emotional rehabilitation can help.

Secondary Sarcomas

September 12th 2007

Some cancer therapies can increase the risk of secondary cancers such as sarcoma, especially for childhood cancer survivors.

Web Exclusive: Types of Sarcoma

September 12th 2007

While sarcomas can be divided into soft-tissue or bone sarcomas, there are about 600 different types of sarcomas patients can be diagnosed with.

Diagnosis Delay

September 12th 2007

Delayed diagnosis too common.

June 11th 2007

Gamers take virtual shot at cancer.

Heart Health for Childhood Cancer Patients

March 16th 2007

Statistics on the long-term heart effects of therapy include risk factors that increase the likelihood of heart damage in a childhood cancer survivor.

Survivors at Risk for Cognitive Dysfunction

March 16th 2007

Cognitive dysfunction remains a problem for young patients.

Web Exclusive: A Lion in the House

September 27th 2006

A documentary film about kids with cancer and their families.