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When it Comes to Sarcoma, Second Opinions Matter

February 25th 2016

Though Early, T-Cell Therapy Making Strides in Treatment of Sarcoma

February 11th 2016

The breakthrough designation will expedite the development and review of this novel T-cell therapy in synovial sarcoma.

FDA Approves Halaven for Advanced Liposarcoma

January 29th 2016

The approval of Halaven was based on an improvement in overall survival (OS) in a phase 3 study.

Adding New Agent to Chemotherapy Boosts Survival in Small Trial of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

November 13th 2015

Based on this study, the monoclonal antibody is being investigated in an ongoing phase 3 study and has received an FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation.

FDA Approves Yondelis in Soft Tissue Sarcoma

October 23rd 2015

The approval is based on results from the phase 3 ET743-SAR-3007 trial.

Caregiver Challenge: Sharing Their Pain

June 20th 2015

Caregivers may grapple with practical and emotional challenges as they help loved ones manage cancer-related pain.

Eribulin Extends Survival in Phase 3 Sarcoma Study

February 26th 2015

Treatment with eribulin mesylate significantly extended overall survival (OS) compared with dacarbazine in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma, according to topline results from a phase 3 clinical trial.

Yondelis Receives Priority Review for Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma

February 4th 2015

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted a priority review to Yondelis to treat patients with the disease, including liposarcoma and leiomyosarcoma subtypes, who have previously received chemotherapy that included an anthracycline. The FDA will make its final approval decision within six months.

Several Cancer Therapies Up for FDA Review in 2015

January 13th 2015

The Food and Drug Administration's calendar for making decisions on new cancer drugs and indications is taking shape for 2015, and the clock is ticking on at least 13 applications for novel agents and new therapeutic settings for existing drugs.

NORD Offers Information and Support for Patients of Rare Cancers

November 25th 2014

NORD was founded in 1983 by parents of children with rare diseases. Over the past 30 years, it has become a powerful advocacy voice for all patients with rare diseases, including cancer.

For Kids Facing Cancer, Treatment Goals May Help with Coping

December 16th 2013

Goals and milestone recognitions may help children with cancer get through treatment a little easier.

Poor Kidney Function a Possibility in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

December 9th 2013

Long-term and late effects from toxic regimens from childhood cancer treatments include heart damage, lung problems and infertility.

Health Problems Common in Survivors of Pediatric Cancer

December 9th 2013

Pediatric cancer treatment has come a long way, but health problems persist in survivorship.

Late Effects & Premature Aging After Pediatric Cancer

December 9th 2013

A recent report notes that certain health issues observed in young adult survivors are typically seen in much older individuals.

Sarcoma in the Young

March 14th 2013

Sarcoma is more common in children and young adults.

Group Therapy: Treatment Advances in Sarcoma

March 13th 2013

Soft tissue sarcoma has benefited from research in other cancers.

Many Young Patients Still Not Receiving Fertility Information

October 4th 2012

Childhood and young adult cancer survivors need fertility preservation information, but are they getting it from their oncologists?

The Waiting Room

September 17th 2012

A kid can bring out the best in people.

Creating Hope for Childhood Cancer

September 11th 2012

Creating Hope for Childhood Cancer

Young Adult Cancer Survivors May Face a Challenging Future

September 10th 2012

Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors must be their own advocates to live long and well.

Online Tool Helps Childhood Cancer Survivors Monitor Late Effects

January 7th 2011

Online tool helps cancer survivors know what to look for years after treatment

Gene Linked to Heart Failure

August 31st 2010

Researchers found that in some childhood cancer survivors, a late effect called cardiomyopathy, a condition where the heart cannot pump properly, was tied to a specific gene and drug dose.

More Therapies Needed for Childhood Cancers

June 14th 2010

A report, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, looks at the outcomes in children and adolescents with cancer, hoping to provide insights that will guide future research.

Camp Friendship

March 15th 2010

Camp Friendship offers a week-long residential camp free of charge for kids with cancer.

Teens Helping Teens

March 2nd 2010

The Childhood Cancer Foundation in Canada recognized the unique needs of teens with cancer and created Teen Connector, a Facebook-style website.

Kids Kick Cancer With Martial Arts and Karate Program

September 16th 2009

Kids with cancer, their siblings, and parents learn relaxation, meditation, and breathing techniques.

Web Exclusive: Helpful Advice

June 25th 2009

Parents can help ease the transition from school to clinic and back again.

Web Exclusive: Developing a Strategy

June 25th 2009

There are several organizations and institutions that have prepared school-related documents and checklists for parents of childhood cancer patients.

Web Exclusive: Searching for New Targets

June 23rd 2009

Newer targets found on cancer cells are providing scientists the ammunition to better treat cancer.

Childhood Cancer Survivorship Programs

June 16th 2009

Childhood cancer survivors need long-term surveillance to keep up with late-term effects, screenings, and other health-related issues.