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FDA Approves Amtagvi for Pretreated, Advanced Melanoma

February 16th 2024

The Food and Drug Administration approved Amtagvi, a TIL therapy, for patients with advanced melanoma whose disease progressed on or after a checkpoint inhibitor and targeted therapy.

Blue sky with white clouds and a football scoring. Here's what's happening in the oncology space this week, with Trent Williams opening up about skin cancer and more.
Super Bowl Player Reflects on Cancer Diagnosis, Congressman Returns to Work After Myeloma Treatment and More

February 9th 2024

Bartender Serve Whiskey, on wood bar | Image credit: © maeching - ©
‘Striking’ Findings for Substance Use Disorders in Some Cancer Types

February 7th 2024

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Immunotherapy, Academic Centers May Decrease Mortality in Metastatic Cancer

January 17th 2024

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Rare Immune Cell May Predict Immunotherapy Response in Melanoma

January 7th 2024

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