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T-Cell Therapies Show Promise in Metastatic Melanoma, But Challenges Remain

April 24th 2020

With the growing and evolving field of T-cell therapies, patients with metastatic melanoma have new hopes for effective treatment, but the treatment faces future clinical challenges.

How Can Cancer Survivors Survive COVID-19?

March 28th 2020

What can cancer survivors do to cope and process the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic?

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Fighting Cancer Fatigue

March 21st 2020

Breast cancer and melanoma cancer survivor learned that a combination of changes helped her beat fatigue after cancer treatments.

CURE's Top Stories: February 2020

March 2nd 2020

Here are the top five CURE® stories for February 2020.

Skin Cancer Prevalence Higher in Men Who Identify as Gay, Bisexual

February 26th 2020

Men who identify as gay or bisexual report having more skin cancers than those who identify as heterosexual. More frequent use of indoor tanning could be a cause, but researchers want to find out for sure.

Finding Purpose After Five Different Cancers

February 20th 2020

In this week’s episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with Lainie Jones, who has found her purpose in helping others after being diagnosed with five separate primary cancers before the age of 35 because of a rare genetic condition that predisposes her to develop the disease.

Firstline: What's Making An Impact In The Cancer Landscape

February 19th 2020

From Neil Peart’s passing following a battle with brain cancer to a new online support group for men with testicular cancer, here’s the news making an impact in the cancer landscape.

Liquid Biopsy May Help Predict Relapse Risk in Patients with Advanced Melanoma

February 7th 2020

Patients with stage 3 melanoma who had one or more circulating tumor cells were found to relapse sooner, providing physicians with an important biomarker to treat the likelihood of relapse.

ASCO Names Refinement of Surgical Treatment as Advance of the Year in Cancer Care

February 6th 2020

The refinement of surgical treatment of cancer was named the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s advance of the year, according to its Annual Report on Progress Against Cancer.

I Never Met Frederic Mohs

February 4th 2020

Friday Frontline: Cancer Updates, Research and Education on January 24, 2020

January 24th 2020

From the FDA issuing a safety alert on cybersecurity vulnerabilities to health care facility technology to former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky revealing she has basal cell carcinoma, here’s what is making headlines in the cancer space this week.

Immune-Related Side Effects After Keytruda Treatment Could Indicate Improved Responses

January 22nd 2020

Patients with high-risk stage 3 melanoma who experienced an immune-related side effect after treatment with adjuvant Keytruda had reduced risk for disease recurrence, compared with those on the placebo arm.

Online Educational Videos Prove Useful for Patients Looking To Understand Their Cancer

January 21st 2020

More people than ever are beginning their medical journeys online as digital videos on cancer education are proven to be a useful tool that institutions should provide.

In Cancer Treatment, Immunotherapy is a Viable Option Despite Toxicities

January 18th 2020

Because they have been found to be effective in the treatment of many types of cancer, including melanoma, immunotherapy drugs like anti-PD-1 agents and anti-CTLA4 therapies should not be discounted because of their toxicities.

Increase Of Alcohol Intake Higher Among Younger Cancer Survivors

January 16th 2020

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have found an increase in alcohol consumption among cancer survivors that warrants further study and possible alcohol consumption screenings prior to treatment.

Cancer Mortality Rates Decline With Help From Early Detection, Treatment Advances

January 13th 2020

Cancer mortality rates have declined significantly since 1991; however, certain cancer types have seen slower progression as of recently because of improved screening.

With Holidays Over, Weed Out Your Clutter To Tame Cancer Worries

January 3rd 2020

This two-time cancer survivor writes to-do lists and weeds out her cancer clutter and home after the New Year, resulting in less physical and mental clutter, and less worry.

New Year's Resolutions and Cancer Coping Through The New Year

December 31st 2019

A breast cancer and melanoma survivor encourages looking forward to the New Year.

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