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One Melanoma Survivor's Letter to Her Younger Self

June 27th 2019

In this week’s episode of “CURE Talks Cancer,” we spoke with a melanoma survivor who wishes she knew at diagnosis what her cancer journey would do for her – not to her.

Cancer and a Mid or Later-life Crisis?

June 11th 2019

A nine-year breast cancer survivor and five-year melanoma survivor shares her thoughts on cancer survivorship with a side of mid-life crisis.

Actor Who Realized Dreams After Melanoma Seeks to Inspire Survivors with His Story

June 5th 2019

In a talk to people affected by melanoma, Michael McGrady described reassessing his values after cancer and how it changed the course of his life.

Mixing and Matching: Multiple Treatments in Sequence or Combination are Key in Fighting Melanoma

May 29th 2019

Following surgery with medication, combining immunotherapies or targeted drugs and adding radiation to immunotherapy can improve effectiveness in treating various stages of melanoma.

To Build Healthy Futures, Survivors Must Pursue Monitoring After Melanoma Treatment

May 24th 2019

With greater longevity for survivors of melanoma comes the need to treat lingering side effects and monitor for cancer recurrences.

Keytruda Extends Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Merkel Cell Carcinoma

May 16th 2019

Immunotherapy may be giving hope to people living with rare skin cancer.

FDA Approves Keytruda for High-Risk, Advanced Melanoma

February 19th 2019

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Keytruda (pembrolizumab) – an immunotherapy agent – for the treatment of patients with resected, high-risk, stage 3 melanoma.

When Is It OK To Weed Out Cancer-Related Paper Clutter And Paraphernalia?

February 7th 2019

Here are tips for fellow cancer survivors to clear out cancer paraphernailia but keep important medical records.

Read Cancer Advice With Discernment

January 14th 2019

Two-time cancer survivor suggests a careful approach when researching your own cancer.

Online Tool May Mitigate Skin Cancer Risk

December 27th 2018

A web-based intervention may help reduce harmful UV exposure and skin cancer risk in young adults, according to recent research.

FDA Approves Keytruda for Merkel Cell Carcinoma

December 20th 2018

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted accelerated approval to Keytruda (pembrolizumab) for the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with recurrent locally advanced or metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma, according to the agency.

Routine Surveillance Necessary for Young Patients with Posterior Uveal Melanoma

November 16th 2018

Young patients diagnosed with posterior uveal melanoma may have similar, if not worse, prognoses compared with the overall patient population.

Opdivo Shows Survival Benefit in Patients with Mutation-Specific Advanced Melanoma

November 15th 2018

Patients with BRAF wild-type advanced melanoma saw a survival benefit after treatment with Opdivo (nivolumab) compared with the chemotherapy agent dacarbazine.

Immunotherapy Combo Shows Durable Four-Year Survival Benefit in Advanced Melanoma

November 15th 2018

The combination use of two immunotherapy agents in the first-line setting helped patients with advanced melanoma live longer compared with treatment with either drug alone.

Managing Lymphedema: Education is the Best Treatment

October 22nd 2018

To combat the psychological effects from a lymphedema diagnosis, patients need to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of what the condition is and how it is treated.

Men with Genetic Mutations: What You Need to Know

October 20th 2018

A genetic counselor discussed the various hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome-associated cancers among men and how to manage them at the FORCE Annual Meeting.

Riders Trek from Coast to Coast for Cancer Research

October 17th 2018

As part of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer Research ride, 109 company employees rode from Oregon to New Jersey to help raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

The Naked Truth: Panel Urges Patients to Get Checked from Head to Toe for Melanoma

October 15th 2018

The panelists acknowledged that many individuals face barriers to receiving regular skin check-ups. Some people – especially those in rural areas – may not have a dermatologist near them. And even if they do make it in to a doctor’s office for a skin check-up, they may not be checked as thoroughly as they should be.

An Overview of Melanoma's Major Milestones

October 13th 2018

Lynn Schuchter, M.D., discussed immunotherapy and BRAF/MEK inhibition at the Melanoma Action Coalition’s Fall Conference.

Time Management and Cancer: A Difficult Intersection to Navigate

September 16th 2018

Substitute thinking "life management" instead of "time management."

Cancer Resilience Takes Time to Grow, So Start Now

September 11th 2018

Two-time cancer survivor encourages fellow survivors to develop resilience to cope with cancer.

A Leap of Faith: When It's Time to Reset Your Frame of Mind

September 7th 2018

I felt like cancer had forced me to do other "uncomfortable" things instead of the bucket list I had chosen.

FDA Grants Keytruda Priority Review to Treat Rare Form of Skin Cancer

September 4th 2018

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted priority review to a new supplemental biologics license application for Keytruda (pembrolizumab) to treat adult and pediatric patients with recurrent locally advanced or metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma, according to Merck, the agent’s manufacturer.

Melanoma Might Not Delay Family Planning

August 16th 2018

Researchers noted that melanoma diagnosis and treatment did not cause many women to put off becoming pregnant.

High Frequency of Common Skin Cancer May Warrant More Intensive Cancer Screening

August 15th 2018

Individuals diagnosed with a high frequency of basal cell carcinomas, a common type of skin cancer, may be at an increased for developing an unrelated cancer, highlighting the need for additional clinical screening.

Driving Research in Rare Cancers

August 7th 2018

Research continues to drive the oncology field.

Skin Effects from Type of Immunotherapy May Occur Even After Treatment Ends

August 7th 2018

Patients who receive anti-PD-1 therapies may experience delayed cutaneous side effects like lesions, eczema or psoriasis, even after treatment has ended.

Advances and Combinations Raise Sights on Uveal Melanoma

July 30th 2018

Clinical trials seek to discover new ways to attack the disease, limit metastasis and prevent recurrence.

When Cancer Clusters, Create a Medical Family Tree

July 28th 2018

Creating a medical family tree is helpful. If cancer is common, noting which branches include it can help inform decisions.

New Research Aim to 'Get Ahead' of Melanoma by Tracking Its Genetic Evolution

July 18th 2018

Understanding how melanoma spreads can lead to better outcomes. That's what researchers at UCSF aimed to do.