‘Listen to Your Patient,’ Says Cancer Caregiver


A cancer caregiver recommends that other caregivers become well-versed in their loved one’s disease.

In this video, Jeff Bushnell, a former MPN Heroes® recipient and caregiver to a patient with a rare blood cancer, offers advice to others who are caring for a loved one with cancer.


The first thing I recommend is what I said before: listen to your patient. What does your patient need or want?

The second thing you should do is get as well-versed in this disease as you possibly can. The Patient Empowerment Network is a good place to start. Patient Power and this myelofibrosis private support group on Facebook is also an excellent place to find out how people are dealing with this. These are people who have a vested interest in the kind of work that is being done in the research, and so you'll hear about that pretty early on. And then you can follow down those paths.

But the most important thing is the attention to your person your caregiving to do what they need.

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