An Introduction to the 2021 MPN Heroes®


This video features Kerry Fraser, a retired NHL referee and patient with an MPN, who hosted the 2021 MPN Heroes® program, as well as, Jeff Bushnell, an MPN caregiver and former MPN Hero recipient and Dr. John Mascarenhas, of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Introduction [Kerry]

Hello, and welcome to CURE’s program honoring the winners of the 2021 MPN Heroes® awards and their dedication to the field. My name is Kerry Fraser, an MPN patient & retired NHL referee. Today I am joined by two of our 2021 heroes, Jeff Bushnell, who is a dedicated caregiver to his wife, Summer. Since Summer’s diagnosis, Jeff has made it his mission to learn everything he can about the disease. It is that same passion and drive for Summer’s well-being that led Jeff to become an MPN Network Manager at the Patient Empowerment Network.

And, Dr. John Mascarenhas, from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Mascarenhas devotes endless hours to creating breakthrough research that helps ensure each of his patients receives optimal care. An exemplary clinical investigator and clinician, Dr. Mascarenhas is focused on helping improve possibilities for patients with MPNs, working hands-on to provide insights from ongoing MPN research.

Created in the spirit of fostering community, the MPN Heroes Recognition Program recognizes patients, Healthcare Professionals, caregivers, advocates, and organizations that bring understanding, compassion, and strength to the MPN community. We are here today to further discuss the dedication to the field and how to drive attention and awareness to MPNs.

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