David T. Boule on the Challenges and Rewards of Patient Advocacy

David T. Boule discusses the challenges and rewards of patient advocacy.

David T. Boule, patient advocate, Chair of the Finance Committee and Treasurer of the MPN Research Foundation, President of the Cancer Research & Treatment Fund, discusses the challenges and rewards of patient advocacy.

Boule was named one of our 2015 MPN Heroes in the category of Commitment to the Broader MPN Community. His activities have supported published research, international patient outreach, strategic planning for the MPN Research Foundation, and grant pledges in excess of $4 million for the Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Center.

Boule's dedication to improving the lives of people with MPNs is backed by unparalleled organizational leadership. Recently, Boule led the 8th International Patient Symposium on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, one of three biennial educational events that he organized for patients and their families that highlights developments in MPN research. The thought of finding a cure for MPNs is what drives Boule's sensitivity to the needs of individual patients. To that end, Boule has had an enormous impact on the MPN world.