MPN Survivor Urges Clinicians, ‘Break (Info) Down to Me Where I Can Understand It’


Jessica Kuhns, a patient living with a myeloproliferative neoplasm, makes it a point to ensure she can understand what doctors are telling her, so that she can take that knowledge and tell other people.

When Jessica Kuhns talks to health care providers about her myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) disease or treatments, she makes it a point that she can understand the information that she is being given.

“If you can give me the knowledge in a way that I can understand it, then I can spread it in a way that others can understand it,” Kuhns said in an interview with CURE®.

After being nominated by her son, Jaden Persaud, Kuhns was honored at CURE®’s 10th Annual MPN Heroes® Program, which highlighted eight individuals who made a difference in the field of MPNs, a rare group of blood cancers that originate in the bone marrow.

Kuhns, who was diagnosed with an MPN in 2016, said that she is passionate about sharing support and information with others who share an MPN diagnosis. After being diagnosed, she joined the Facebook group MPNs R Us, and then later served as an Imerman Angel through the nonprofit of the same name that provides guidance, resources and one-on-one support to those with cancer.

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I make the doctors talk to me like I'm a toddler. If I don't understand what is being said to me, (I want them to) break it down to me like I am two (years old). Please break it down to where I can understand it, because then I can explain it to other people. Like if you can give me the knowledge in a way that I can understand it, then I can spread it in a way that others will understand it.

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