Taking Cancer One Day — and One Outfit — at a Time

CURECURE® Multiple Myeloma 2022 Special Issue 1

It can be difficult for patients to go about their daily life with this bone pain, so what can help?

Patients with multiple myeloma often experience bone pain because the disease weakens the bones, making them more fragile. It can be difficult for patients to go about their daily life with this type of pain, so what can help?

During the past 15 years, new treatments have come to the rescue, including additional drug regimens and an increased focus on exercise to keep the body moving and reduce pain. In this special issue of CURE®, two patients with multiple myeloma share their stories on how the disease affected their bone health and how they were able to overcome it. Experts also discuss why patients experience bone pain and how they can find relief.

CURE® also talks to Donna McNutt, a cancer fashionista who is “fighting cancer one outfit at a time.” McNutt finds motivation and confidence in getting dressed every day, and she uses the power of Instagram to share that confidence with others on the same journey.

Also in this issue, two experts weigh in on the advancements that have been made for the treatment of multiple myeloma in the past two decades and where they think the field is headed in the next 20 years.

As always, we hope you find our stories inspirational and informative. Thank you for reading.


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